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  1. Lights On Chimes Continued

    Thanks Roger I will have a word with my dealers. I dont know where all the bits are located.Although I would think that after any fairly long run when the car should be nice and warm the chimes should work but this does not necessarily happen.
  2. Lights On Chimes Continued

    fAs I said in my last post I took the Fiesta for its 2 year service on friday 24th feb. and as I thought on the thursday night as the temperature was above 13 degrees cent. the chimes were working but of course when I got to the dealers friday at about 9.30am they were not working.( the temp was 10 degees cent). during the course of the service they started to work (the temp. had risen to 12 degrees cent. ) these are the temps on the car thermometer. of course no fault showed on the diagnostics and the fitter said that if a fault did not show then they could not find it. they also could not understand the temp. connection but this is what is happening. When the temp. shown in the car is below 12 degrees cent then the chimes do not work, when the temp shown on the car is above 13 degrees cent. then the chimes work.I still think it is the GEM but they will not change this. the only other place a fault could possibly be is the drivers door lock as this actuates the chIimes when opened. has anybody out there got any ideas. I am beginning to get quite paranoic about this problem.
  3. Lights On Chimes Spadmodic Working

    see lights on chimes 31 march 2011
  4. Lights On Chimes Spadmodic Working

    Still no info on this. Car is going in to dealers on friday 24th feb. for 2 year service will ask them again re lights on chimes, do not hold out too much hope though. As I thought the chimes worked most of the time during the summer but directly the temp. dropped below about 10- 13c they stopped, getting the car nice and hot does not make any difference though. I stil think that if the car is sold to you new with certain features then they should work or be sorted out until they do work. It seems Ford do not agree. .I said for years I would not buy Ford wish I had stuck to my words. Although I will admit that it is a great little car (so far). its the aftersales that let it down.
  5. Still no joy with fault.dealer has had car several times but cannot find fault although they had it overnight and the fault occured as usual when the car was cold. I asked them to changed the GEM module but they told me that as the mod cost £200 and had to be configured to the car Ford would not cover this if the original mod was not at fault. I have emailed Ford HQ twice but with no reply I have left it with the dealer that if either of us hears anything we will let the ther know. everything works ok after about 9am but I dont know if this will be the case when winter comes and the temperature drops.
  6. Lights On Chimes

    why do the lights on chimes work on a spasmodic basis on my 2010 fiesta. i take my wife to the station early when i return home no chimes. i can get in the car a couple of hours later and the chimes work. i have tried going for a drive and then checking and the chimes usually work but not always. a couple of weeks ago the interior light came on and the lights on chimes sounded whilst driving, i had to stop and open and close the drivers door to cancel these. the dealer has looked at the car on two occasions but cannot come up with any answers the, last time they changed the phone module as i had trouble with the bluetooth and tey thought the problem might be connected as the chimes workad perfectly as they did when i got home from the dealers, several days later no chimes next day chimes working. and so the problem continues.If i could get hold of a comprehensive wiring diagram i might be able to work it out for myself but workshop manuals for the mk7 are not available. any ideas?