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  2. Fusion

  3. Hi I haven't posted for quite sometime, I do apologize. I have a 1.6 TDCI 07 reg ford fusion which has done 79k which is rough starting with white smoke and sometimes takes upto ten seconds to fire up but when warm is perfectly smooth and starts on the button. Its not water as its not loosing any or oil as it too is fine, im using normal diesel not supermarket fuel I run it on the motorway at too high a gear to blow out any soot from time to time. I have an android app called Torque connected to a bluetooth obd2 adapter that reads only a stuck clutch switch on its fault log [that has now been fixed, it was a faulty sensor]. Any ideas why its rough running? https://www.dropbox.com/s/hmmnqfp67pvn8n5/IMAG0218.jpg Thanks in advance. Richard
  4. Hi ive got a 2007 07 reg 1.6 diesel fusion without the radio stork. Ive decided to change the radio and found a harness that will work with the ford steering controls stork. My question is does anyone know the part number of the radio stork required for the Fusion as I bought a stork from ebay, it fits the receptacle without the plastic but with the plastic not a chance. Thanks in advance.
  5. Problem With Temperature Gauge And Warning Light

    What you could try is a gauge test. Put the ignition on then the lights, one click. Now whilst holding down the left indicator press and hold the rest button on the indicator stork. After about 5 seconds the LCD display should say Test at this let go of the reset and indicator. Cycle through the various tests by pressing once and releasing the reset button. Hope that helps. Richard
  6. Fusion Interior Light Relay/circuit

    Hi I bought them from halfords, had to do some tweaking of the structure behind but not too much. These are the LEDS I used Anyone have any ideas about the interior dimming relay/fuse/circuit location? Richard
  7. Injector Seals

    My wife has Fiesta 06 1.4TDCI which the seals went on. The garage said its a common prob with the 1.4 but not the 1.6, hope that helps
  8. Boot Release Switch.

    Hi there, no it shouldn't light up but nice idea though MMMMMMMM welcome
  9. Fusion Interior Light Relay/circuit

    As promised the DRL's, LED fogs and HD Main Lights. Currently the drl's are linked to the Side lights but want to tie them into the fuel pump so they come on with the ignition turn. Richard
  10. Hi everyone, ive thought about fitting wing mirror puddle lights to my 07 Zetec climate Fusion. I've already fitted DRL's into the slots above the FOG lights {ill post some pics]. I am wondering where the circuit/relay is for dimming the interior lights when locked and opened?? Any help would be appreciated. Richard
  11. Tdci Tuning Boxes

    I guess its all down to experience with any product. I have had NO trouble at all, I am very pleased with it. I can't comment on the customer service but their instructions to fit were good. Ill keep people posted with any thing that crops up
  12. Tdci Tuning Boxes

    Hi I'd just like to add my Tuning box experience. I own an 07 Fusion 1.6 TDCI but wanted more power thought of a remap but was too expensive so I purchased a box from ebay, called a Drake Box2. The box gives 10 settings ranging from mild increase to insane!! 0 - alters the top end torque only 1 - 7 over all increase in power and fuel economy 8 - 9 power over economy massive increase in power, fuel economy less than original, but WOW!! On setting 9, my 1.6 diesel torque steers, yes thats right torque steers. I can out pull a standard 2.2 TDCI mondeo ST. Ford Power increase tables from Drake Tuning In-case your wondering if those levels have had a detrimental effect on the engine, well Ive been running the box for nearly two years now and frankly the engine has been totally trouble free. Every service it comes backs no problem and the emissions tests are also normal even on the higher settings. They also do as an optional extra a wireless key fob to turn the box on and off remotely. here's the links Main website Power increase tables hope that helps Rich
  13. Fuel Economy

    Hi i'm new here but i've got a 1.6 TDCI version, with tuning box fitted. The very best i've ever seen is 78.4 MPG on a run from South Wales to the Isle of White, i worked it out myself as well as resetting the gauge before we set off.