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  1. My First Car

    Today i cleaned and stripped down the car and this is what i found. It cleaned up quite well. Then i found the rust... The picture above is the right side of the boot The picture below is the left side of the boot The floor is all good. But parts of the inner sills arent. Its exactly the same on the other side too. These two pics are the left and right inner flitch panels. Underneath the boot. The left rear lower quarter. The chassis of the car is pretty good. The worst of the rust is on the flitches as you can see. Still couldnt get the boot lock to open properly, had to open it from the inside manually.
  2. My First Car

    Ok, i will try that. And thanks for the advice.
  3. My First Car

    yeah thats the first thing i tried but with no success :(
  4. My First Car

    Yeah, i have one working working jet, so i'll see whats wrong with that tomorrow. Also i have a problem with the boot, it will not open. i haven't had a proper look at it yet but from that would you have any idea what it may be? sorry for being so vague.
  5. My First Car

    Thanks for the tips. Tomorrow i plan to give it a good clean and i will take some more pictures.
  6. My First Car

    Hello, My name is Sam . Its coming up to my 17th birthday and i have got my hands on this MK2 1.1 Fiesta. i spotted it sitting on someones driveway for quite a while so one day i knocked on their door and asked what they were doing with it. They said they were going to scrap it, i got my dad to check the car over and as since it was quite rusty in places, he then managed to make a deal with them for £50. We got it home after it sitting on their drive for atleast 3 years not being touched. The engine runs fine and the chassis is solid. The only real problem with it is rust on the doors, bonnet, sills and a couple of little rust spots here and there. My dad works in an accident repair body shop so i have all the tools and knowledge at my disposal. The car is an Automatic and preferably as my first car i would like a manual so i am hoping to put a manual gearbox and all the other items needed into it to make it manual - so i am on the hunt for some parts! I would like to replace the doors and bonnet as they have pretty much had it. I have had a look on eBay but i havent had any luck on finding any bits that suit my low budget, so any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Sam