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  1. Ant sixe wheel that's fited to the Festa up to 16 inch will fit. A 175 profile will be approx. 25 - 30mm above the floor but with the thickness and padding is not a problem. A full size spare will mean that if you get a tyre problem you will not need to swap the wheel until you get around to it.. This is what I have always done.
  2. If you have keyless entry and get your car stolen from home, you should be penalised by the insurance company because you failed to secure your fob. You may have just tossed your keys onto the path. It's been published enough.
  3. Feed it through the roof lining and drill a hole or a hole the cable thickness and a slot to bring it out. Loop it to the camera and leave it loose so you can open and close the boot.
  4. FORD FIESTA ST REAR BUMPER DIFFUSER FORD FIESTA ST REAR BUMPER UPPER EXTENSION However you did not say that your car is a 2009>. The diffuser you are wanting is 2012>. Cant remember if the earlier pre facelift bumper was the same as the later. I think that the bumper extensions are different. I don't know if the complete bumper is a direct fit, which would be another way to go. Ebay is the best place to look, phone or email any bumper repairers or sellers who deal in bumpers.
  5. What you want is the ST set up. 2 Parts, cost around £160 . Bottom need painting. If you are handy a rattle can job will do it, If not about £100 at painters. Easy enough job, if you saw it done and had paid for it you'd wonder why you paid someone.
  6. I ha a disc lok, pain to keep putting on and off and off course storage when off. I now use a Stoplok Pro, much more convenient and can be used to fend off car jackers.
  7. Try Halfords, they seem to do a few with cameras as well.
  8. I found that it's too high, gets in the way of your elbow and was always folded back. waste of time and money, sent it back for a refund.
  9. Add a second older more experienced driver to the policy, for some reason it always attracts a discount.
  10. Use a comparison site. That's what you'll pay. What someone else pays is irrelevant.
  11. Well done, more experience under your belt.
  12. Get the rack reconditioned, get the hoses reconditioned or replaced.
  13. It's the towing eye cover, seems to be endemic that they go missing. This is a common post on here. The last poster reported that it costs around £35. However if you are near the Romford area I have a 2016 ZS diffuser with the part still attached. £20 if you are interested. PM me.
  14. Fixing depends on whether you put the wheel in outer side up or down. Outerside down gives you storage space in the well. As to the difference in height, that's quite simple, a frame work of 20 x 40 timber and half sheet of 6 mm ply will sort it. You will need to cut the ply across he width to get it into the boot. Jig saw or router the hole for the wheel. Aerosol matt black. This false floor will take up the 30mm difference in height. Some lucky buyer got mine for free when I part xd my ZS.
  15. When you say "1 ltr" are you referring to the Ecoboost engine. My last 3 cars have been 1 ltr ecoboosts and I have not had any trouble with the engines at all.
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