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  1. Ford Protect

    Never used Ford Protect but I did have a Service plan. The brochures and websites even now state that the plan can be transferred to your next vehicle. Absolute lies and fraudulent, you cannot transfer your plan, they cancel your current plan depriving you of any advantages you have or are paying for and start a new one. I was paying over 3 years £21 per month for 5 services and 3 mots. The MoTs were free, £100 off your next car purchase from Frauds, roadside assistance, free puncture repairs. When they cancelled this plan all their do is transfer any money you have paid onto the new one, but forget tp menton that the firm operating the plan E Mac take 25% as a management fee. Why should I pay someone to look after my money for someone else, Frauds should pat the management fee. The next plan was for the same money £21 per month but now over 5 years and £600 more than the original one. No free MoTs, the £100 was on the old cancelled plan so I couldn't now claim it. Still arguing with Trust Ford. I'd be very wary of any Ford insurance type schemes., they hide the truth until it's too late and then lie about what the wording means. Then they get shirty when describe them as the Arthur Daly school of car salesmanship.
  2. Radiator blowing steam

    Obviously overheating, First job is to check the thermostat.
  3. Spares and parts.

    Ask them.
  4. Spares and parts.

    Anyone looking for fiesta parts might find them here, http://stores.ebay.co.uk/H-H-AUTO-SALVAGE-QUALITY-CAR-SPARES/Ford-/_i.html?_fsub=2675485017
  5. New Ford Fiesta

    In a rear end crash youll no doubt lose your rear lights, at least when they were higher you had a chance of still having some lighting.
  6. MK8 Fiesta Security

    Steel safe, £125, £165 fitted, Workshop near brentwood..
  7. MK8 Fiesta Security

    I secured my OBD port with a steel safe from Protectavan. They'll never break into it and lets admit will you ever need access to it. I found that the Stoplock Pro to be easier to use than the disklok.
  8. Dash cam recommendations

    I have a Thinkware 770. Had no problems with it, remember though that it doesn't have a screen which is no bad thing, do you really need to watch on a screen what you can see through the windscreen. It's easy enough to connect your smart phone or tablet. The speed camera warnings work well and you have the added bonus if you use them of the collision warning and lane deviation system. Al in all I'd recommend it.
  9. Stolen or Fell off?

    mrg1403, pm me, I may be able to help. I have a 2016 ZS diffuser.
  10. Which fuse #'s for dashcam

    From experience, 13 IGNITION controlled, 21 for PERMANENT feed. I doubt whether the dash cam would draw that much current to drain a battery that quick that it would fail to start within a couple of weeks. It only take milliamps to work .
  11. Help needed

    Of course everyone is assuming that the wheels you have seen are the same offset as the Ford fitting for a Fiesta, Differnt cars have different offsets and PCD, (Pictch Centre Diameter).
  12. Wing mirror replacement

    Why do you need to remove the "door board" whatever that is, the rubber bung is readily accessible just by opening the door.
  13. Fiesta ZS Thefts

    A lot of cars are containerised and shipped out to Africa or eastern Europe.
  14. Short shifter for 2006 1.4tdci?

    Mountune do one for the ST, whether it's the same for a 1.4 tdci I don't know. You'll have to enquire. https://www.mountunestore.com/collections/mk6-fiesta-st/products/fiesta-b299-short-shift-arm
  15. Where is your dash cam located.

    I have a Thinkware f770. Points to note, the lens must be below the dotted part at the top of the screen, the MoT states that there must not be any obstruction within the sweep of the wipers but if you keep the lens out of the sweep when it rains you get the same effect as you do when you drive in the rain without wipers. You can bet that if it's raining then that's the time you need your camera most. If the MoT fails it I'd just fit a smaller wiper to that side. The Thinkware doesn't have a screen, you view,download or access the settings via a smartphone., so no chance of distractions. The f770 also has speed camera warnings.