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  1. Thanks for all the messages guys, and jack nope you don't have to be 21 at all it's any age and I'm not doing a trainee course or anything like that, did a phone interview then an assessment day and then after getting through that went to the final interview all abit quick and crazy, !Removed! great though. Listers is the group I am working for and they hold 3 assessment days a year with 40 getting through the phone interview, just be confident ect and your away, hope that helps
  2. Some of you will know me from many topics, some hate some like what I have done to my first car which I have adored and will never forget, your first car always has to have a place in your heart, ;) haha anyway guys I will still be on here from time to time because I love ford and I'm sure I will own one again some day, but I am off to work full time as a car salesmen at Audi which is a big big thing for a 19 year old so I can't wait which of course means I need to sell my one and only Ford Fiesta Zetec S REPLICA and move onto a company car, it's been a pleasure ladies n gents, thankyou for your time and advice i really mean it X
  3. 17 do not mess your car up, I it them on mine last year, better handling ect
  4. So now your showing off to whether you can afford it or not?
  5. Don't know why there are people on here trying to urge you away from making your car look better and feel better to you, meant to be an encouraging forum
  6. Why would I come crying to you? Your not paying out? (Us) sorry fellow fiesta owner
  7. Iv done it, spent a lot for now looks like any other :)
  8. I have one of mine love it but make sure you really stick it down mate with more adhesive I had my first one nicked during the first week!
  9. So so so strange as I was just driving home from work heard a huge bang and it was me driving over my cover! so I checked the home page and here we are!
  10. Alright mate great topic! I'm on traders and I think I can only have 1.4 and below because I am only 19 but do you know the absolute limit? Could I have a 1.4 turbo? Thanks H
  11. This might of already being said but, I love my Fiesta however because of this Facelift does it mean we should all panic and sell them now while we can? Because they are soon to become the older fiesta meaning a massive price drop?
  12. If theres no place on the stand do you just park on the car park sorry for the stupid question