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  1. OK Thanks, do you think this will sort out the overall timing of the engine and stablise the engine when ticking over? I'm hoping to do this tomorrow
  2. I didnt have the official Ford timing kit at the time and just used a 30 mm screwdriver which was recommended by a friend of mine as thats how long the timing tool is..
  3. I changed the cam belt bearing on my Fiesta 2003 1.6 Duratec this weekend, but after replacing all three belts, i've put all the bits back together and upon staring the engine, it starts fine, then looses revs and stalls the engine, the only way for the engine not to stall is to give it some gas, any ideas what might be the problem?
  4. Hey guys, The engine warning light came on the other day, I took it to a garage and got the fault code read, it came back as p0030 which was that the oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1 was faulty. Anyway i've changed the oxygen sensor (I brought a reputable one (NGK) as the price of a Ford part was over £160) and took it back to the garage and got the memory cleared. However the engine warning light is still on and reporting the same fault? Anybody have any ideas as to what i can do next? Thanks in advance