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  1. Fan Stopped Suddenly

    well if turned out my blower motor had gone, had to get a new one fitted, it cost me 305 pounds, :o :(
  2. Fan Stopped Suddenly

    thanks pete , thats a really great help, cheers. Update only I got a new unit, but cant find where it goes,do I need to dismantle the dashboard? the only one i could see was a different colour, and shape , the part Ive been given is labelled regulator asy ht, :(
  3. wow thanks, thats a great help!

  4. Fan Stopped Suddenly

    can anyone suggest what could have caused the blower inside my fusion to just stop working, I checked the fuse and the relay by swapping them with a working equal one , but it still wont work, it heas been squealing ever since it was new incidentally.