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  1. Ford Focus Water Leak

    Hi everyone, I just had a new pollen filter cover fitted by Ford themselves, hoping this would solve the problem as everyone put it down to this, and the problem has been getting worse (now water is coming into the passenger footwell as well - the waterproof material/lining underneath has cracked). Unfortunately I went to the car today (after it had been raining) to find the same puddle in my back footwell. Does anyone know were this could be coming from?? I have to add, that I reached up as far as I could under the passenger carpet and found that the higher (towards the windscreen) I went, the dryer the carpet was. The carpet in fact seemed to be getting wetter (i.e. the source) from towards the centre of the car (were the passengers right foot would roughly lie). I really need help with this problem and appreciate any comments, answers or suggestions.
  2. Hi, i have a 6000 rds eon player and want to know if it is compatible with cd-rw's as i tried a verbatim one in it and it didn't work. Any help much appreciated.
  3. Ford Focus Water Leak

    hi, i've got a 2000 ford focus tddi
  4. Ford Focus Water Leak

    Hi, i am really interested in your fix, as it could save me a lot of money, however dont fully understand the picture. Could you please explain to me how sealing the underside of the scuttle panel, around the drip tray, would help, as i thought this bit didn't touch the windscreen (it goes underneath). It would really help me if you could draw on the picture i have uploaded and i would appreciate it alot. Also could you clarify what two bits of plastic you are refering to in your reply, when explaining where the water leaks/runs to. Many, many thanks
  5. Ford Focus Water Leak

    If what you saying is correct, could i get the problem fixed by having ford fitting a new suttle panel (note: if the dams under the scuttle panel are the problem, but i had a new scuttle panel fitted, would my water leak problem still remain?)
  6. Ford Focus Water Leak

    Hi, it’s been a while now and the water leak problem has been getting worse. My rear passenger footwell floods every time it rains. After lifting up the carpets, I have now found the leak is definitely coming from the front of the car as the carpets are wet (getting wetter) the further/closer I go towards the cabin (note: passenger footwell appears to be dry when carpet is down as there is a waterproof lining on the bottom of that area of the carpet - water runs towards lowest part of car (rear passenger footwell)). I suspected that the water leak was due to the pollen filter cover, which I have read is a common fault, and so, using some silicone, sealed up the gap between the windscreen and the cover. I thought this would solve my problem but have found that the rear passenger footwell still floods when it rains. This then led to me believe that I perhaps did not seal it up properly and that’s why water is still entering the car. To check this, after it would rain and the footwell would flood, I would go out and lift up the bonnet, lift up the pollen filter cover slightly, and squeeze my hand into the actual pollen filter to see whether this was wet. I found that every time it was completely dry. As you can probably guess, this has left me very confused as to where the water is coming from. Could it be that it is still due to the pollen filter cover and that the water is somehow getting through, past the cover and into car without touching the actual pollen filter? Or, seeing as though the pollen filter cover looks as though it is sealed properly to the windscreen, could the water be running down towards the bottom left hand corner of the windscreen (car is usually parked with passenger side to (slanting towards) the pavement), and under the metal panel (the metal panel in between/that joins, the bonnet, bumper and door), then somehow into the car. (Note: i did create and have a picture to show this very clearly, however found that i cant upload/view it). Could someone please help me with this problem as to any ideas of where the water is entering the car and how I could test for it etc.
  7. New Key fob/remote

    hi I had the same problem with my remote key (signal was really bad) and bought the battery from a local DIY store for £1 (the battery needed will be in the cars manual), and had a key cutting shop put it in for £1.50 (i could have done this myself, but for the small fee would rather have someone else do it). My fob works fine now and the signal is much better/stronger.
  8. New Key fob/remote

    hi, i have exactly the same problem (one remote key, want a spare one - confusing info on how to get it). Ford have quoted me £175 for a new programmed one, which is way too much, need to figure out how i can get it for cheaper. Based on the answer to the initial question, dont think i can program a remote key myself, with just the initial key. However i have been searching down the keymakers avenue and have found that many of them can do it, but by making a clone of my key (about £100) and therefore needing no connection with the car. I dont know if this is right however and am therefore trying to get some more information. Is anyone able to shine any light on how to get this done cheaply!!
  9. Ford Focus Water Leak

    Hi, i have a ford focus tddi. Everytime it rains, the rear left footwell ends up with a big puddle (everywhere else though is completely dry). Sat inside with someone else doing a hospipe over it and couldn't figure out where it was coming from, the door seals seem fine. Have read that the main cause of water leaks is the pollen filter, but my front passenger footwell is completely dry, plus my car is parked on a flat, so dont see how it could be this. Does abyone know what the cause is????? Dont wanna take it back to Ford to get ripped off, just spent over £1000 on new fuel pump Any help is much appreciated!!