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  1. Reverse Light Not Illuminating

    Well I got the reverse switch looked at yesterday at the garage and it was faulty so that now works...as does the cruise control! So, the cruise must somehow be linked to that switch. However it works, at least it does without me having to pay for them to look at that too. :-)
  2. Reverse Light Not Illuminating

    I'm not too fussed about the cruise control to be honest. I haven't checked the fuse for that yet so I guess it could be that? Not sure what a CAN BUS error is or how to find it though.
  3. Reverse Light Not Illuminating

    It's booked into the garage on Wednesday to fix. I've also noticed that the cruise control has stopped working. Is this likely to be linked?
  4. I have a 54 reg Mondeo. My reverse lights have stopped working. My colleague and I checked the fuse, which is ok and put that and the bulb through his volt meter - both gave a good reading. So it seems like it's the switcher or something like that. Any ideas what and how easy/expensive to fix?
  5. Decreasing Mpg

    I have a 54 reg 2.0L TDCI Mondeo 130bhp. I bought it about a year ago and it has done about 96k miles. Since I've had it, I've averaged about 56-57mpg. However, in recent weeks, this has dropped down to 53-54 mpg. I'm not aware of doing anything differently so can't work out why it's dropped so much. Sometimes it does drop, but then it increases when I do my usual 28mile trip into work each day. This hasn't been happening of late - it's only been decreasing. Any ideas?
  6. What Revs Are Best?

    I have a 54 plate Mondeo 2.0 TDCI 130. I've just got the car and it's my first one with 6 gears. So I can make sure I'm running it as efficiently as possible, what is the optimum revs to run at? For example, doing 60mph in 5th the car is doing just over 2,000 revs. In 6th gear it's about 1,500. Which is better for fuel economy?
  7. Hello All

    Hi all, I thought I'd join this forum as I have just bought myself a 54 reg Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Zetec 130bhp. It's a great car. Done 80,000 miles but I'm sure if I look after it well, it will do me well for a good few years.