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  1. Abs Light On

    Hi Exactly the same thing has happened to my focus... ABS & traction control lights flickered now staying on! i have also noticed that the fuse box is 'clicking' far too much and the ABS seems to engage under light braking. Dont know if you have had any of these symptoms? Taking it to the ford dealership tomorrow so will keep you posted. hope this is of some help to you. Ad
  2. Hi For a couple of days now the ABS & Traction control lights have stayed on, they occasionally go off for a couple of minutes but are mostly on. im quite concerned as the brakes feel slightly different aswell, will be taking it to ford at the weekend to have a look at but was wondering if anyone on here has experienced this or knows what it could be? I have a focus 1.8 Zetec S '11 thanks, Adam
  3. Focus 2011 Bonnet Trim

    Cheers mate if i can't manage to change it will give it a go! Was looking to replace it tho and keep the chrome as a spare. This is an example of what i mean: My link
  4. Hi, can anyone advise the best way of removing & replacing the chrome strip at the front of the bonnet? (will be replacing with black strip) not sure how it un-clips/removes whithout damaging the clips or bonnet. Thanks, Adam
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