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  1. Hi, does anybody have a front flip badge including the little clip/screw for the back for a Mondeo MK3 04 Plate facelift? Needs to be the entire badge assembly with spring etc that I can buy from you
  2. Mk3 Facelift Swivel Badge

    EDIT: I have part number 1125799, not sure if this is correct for Mondeo MK3 2004
  3. Hi, I've just replaced the grille after having the dreaded bonnet lock problem. I am trying to put the swivel badge back on but it seems I am missing one part. I have the badge itself and the spring. Does anyone have a picture or part number of the other part I need (the screw bit to hold the badge onto the grille). I'm wondering if it's the same as the one holding the boot trim together at the back where the lip of the boot is? Is there anything else I could use for now? Thanks in advance
  4. Exhauat Bung Advice

    Hi, I have recently bought a Mondeo to replace my Ford Focus (mk1.5 facelift 2001). I have given the trusty old focus to my dad but he doesn't appreciate the loud stainless steel duplex I had fitted by Tony Banks. He is threatening to have the system removed unless I can help quieten it down. I know I can get exhaust bungs but need some advice. I will need two bungs/baffles quite cheap, although I'll advise my Dad that it will be significantly cheaper than replacing the entire exhaust catback! The diameter is 4" on both pipes. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Strange Noise - Any Suggestions?

    Hi, Can't shed any light on this I'm afraid but I'm also suffering from unknown noise on my Focus MK1.5 1.6 Zetec. It's like a clattering noise but only seems to happen when revs are low and gear is high but also happens if I drop down a gear or two and accelerate off. My initial thoughts are tappets as the oil got pretty low at one point but it's not happening on tickover/idle? It is sometimes present on biting point and makes my car sound like a diesel. Also sometimes (not all the time) there is some light smoke accompanying the noise from the exhaust. No excessive loss of coolant or oil though. Have checked and all heatshields from exhausts were removed when I had a stainless exhaust fitted and all brackets are new and present. When I had my catback stainless steel exhaust is disappeared temporarily. I'll have to record it and upload it, it is very odd but definately coming from the engine bay, just can't pinpoint where!
  6. Mk1.5 Rear Brake Backing Plates/dust Guard

    Hi Williamweb, Many thanks, looks like I'll need to take discs off again. Can't seem to find any on Ebay apart from RS and they looked plastic so should last a good while longer.
  7. Wind Deflectors

    I highly recommend Team Heko ones as others have said. I didn't use the clips if I remember correctly that you get with them. Really simple to fit. Pull windows down, peel off 3M backing paper and push them into slot at the top of where the window closes and close the window completely to help bond for 24hrs. Only difficult bit is tucking it in where the wing mirror is. I slightly cracked mine but luckily where you tuck it in covers this.
  8. Hi, I spent the whole day changing discs and pads on the rears of my Focus MK1.5 1.6 Zetec. The backing plates that go behind the disc are pretty much shot, they have rotted and are falling to pieces and were rubbing against the old discs. Would I actually need these for any purpose or would it be safe enough to remove them? Also how would I go about removing them apart from grinding them, is it a "hub-nut" job? Final question is where could I buy these at a good price if I need them, I know a good start might be Ford dealership parts as it is such a specific part? Many thanks
  9. No Front Indicators. Mot Due In Few Days!!

    Hi Thanks changed bulbs and all is fine, just a bad coincidence one went and then the other went even though it was working fine before I took the bulb holder out! MOT on Saturday, will need sills welding for sure.
  10. No Front Indicators. Mot Due In Few Days!!

    Thanks for the reply, I'll try this tomorrow when there is more light. It worked fine earlier before I took the bulb holder out. It has definately gone back in properly as I've taken it out and put it back in about ten times.
  11. Hey all, I would be so grateful for some urgent help I need with my MK1.5 facelift 2001 Focus. All of a sudden this morning my left hand indicator was rapid flashing and the front indicator didn't work. I have taken the bulb out but the bulb is fine! I also took the right hand side indicator bulb out to check (has those big plastic things you need to screw anti-clockwise). I put it back in and now that one is not working either! So now I have both front indicators not working. To add insult to injury, MOT is due in a few days. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Focus Mk1.5 2001 Air Intake

    Hi, I've just fitted a K&N 57i air filter in my focus MK1.5 facelift 2001 1.6. Only problem is that the original rubber air intake pipe that runs from the air filter into the throttle body keeps coming loose at the air filter end. I have seen an aluminium pipe that replaces it. Does anyone know where I can get a metal/chrome/aluminium pipe from? Or how I can stop the pipe slipping out? It already has a jubilee clip but still comes out! Any help appreciated thanks
  13. Ford Badge Size?

    Do you just email them now and they will do it?
  14. Ford Badge Size?

    Hi Stoney many thanks, have found one of the many few companies that can make the overlay. Thanks again
  15. Ford Badge Size?

    Hi, Does anyone know the size on the Ford logo badges on the front and back of the facelifted MK1? Thanks!