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  1. Boomerang Armrest

    looks interesting and would like to see this fitted on a uk spec fiesta as the us console is different to the uk one as soon as you have it installed let us see pics from various angles and a shot of putting the handbrake on to see what space you have to get your hand in
  2. Less Than 48Hrs To Go

    yep keyless entry on there as well ordered it on 10th march,built on 7th april,delivered to dealer on 19th april,picking up on the 27th approx 6 weeks from order to pick up is not bad for ford,heard horror stories of waits upto 4-5 months on some models
  3. Less Than 48Hrs To Go

    m8 its coming with the illuminated gear stick and illuminated fiesta scuff plates also i was tempted by getting a ZS but when spec'd it up the titanium was by far a better buy,and considering you can lower the suspension on the titanium it was a no brainer really not been this excited in years about getting a new car,just something about the fiesta at the moment,probably that it is a similiar shape to the citreon C4 coupe had 4 yrs ago,now that was a nice driving car
  4. Less Than 48Hrs To Go

    Colour looks different depending on light and angle,some it looks very bluey and others looks more grey heres a shot of the front for you m8
  5. Less Than 48Hrs To Go

    Well with less than 48hrs to pickup time got a few pics finally of the new motor,already PDI'd just got to be fully valeted wednesday am ready for 2pm pickup Still looking at getting rid of the rest of the chrome on it,fog lamps are due to be resprayed in a week or so after had a few miles under its belt Rear wiper coming off at weekend and rear view camera going in its place with screen going somewhere on the dash at front,might even have a camera on the front,not for parking just to see driving style Dont much like the alloys at the moment,thinking of having them powder coated but not sure on the colour as yet,any ideas and any photoshoppers want a play feel free to have a go already debadged and looks awesome front view without its plates
  6. Full Window Closure

    Well new cars at dealers went down to check on this and its not on the car,which was built 2 weeks ago so if theres a new update its not going out yet
  7. Want To Buy A Body Kit And Tinted Windows For My Fiesta

    dont think you can buy the privacy glass for the fiesta,probably easiest way is to get them tinted regarding the full dress up kit for the fiesta will be very costly as a aftermarket fit,been told best part of £2,000 to get full kit fitted and sprayed to match car which would be a pain as sprayer will have to blend it into your vehicle heres some pricing quickly found online rear spoiler £200 rear diffuser £200 front lip £170 sideskirts £230 grill £160
  8. Full Window Closure

    any updates on this got new titanium 3 door arriving this week and would hope this update is already on this vehicle,build date was 8th april
  9. Looking for a side on pic of a midnight sky titanium fiesta with the standard alloys [15 spoke 16 inch alloys] Got the car arriving in May and am looking into alternate colours for the alloys - thinking of matt black,semi gloss black and the grey scales also but dont have a pic to put into photoshop to start playing around with colours and styles any help will be greatly appreciated Spec on car is 3 door titanium soho {red} interior trim [dont like plain interiors - other toy have is 3 dr red honda civic type r gt] midnight sky with the motorsport white stripes full dress up kit illuminated scuff plates and illuminated gear stick aluminium pedals and will also have things done after delivery,will be changing the springs for the lowered look front windows will be tinted to light smoke,dont like the look of having totally clear glass [did that in the type r for years] exterior plastics probably be sprayed but holding off on this until can get it to see what colouring will look best against the midnight sky paint alloys are probably just going to be powder coated [possibly sprayed],dont intend changing size at the moment