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  1. Internal stickers

    This rather useful page shows the stickers/decals for a 2004 Fiesta Europe -> Fiesta 01-08/Fusion CBK 2001-2012 ->1 Information And Customisation ->10001 Information And Customisation.Name Plates & Warning Decals ->1000110 Decals Tyre pressure one is Finis 1499709 (3/5 door saloon, 26/08/2002 - 15/06/2012) Airbag one is Finis 1052504 (RHD, 29/04/2002 - 26/06/2007) About £4.00+VAT for both
  2. Parking Sensor Loom?

    Having had the rear bumper cover off my car at the weekend to cure some rattling and leaking vents then if your picture is of the O/S Rear of the car then that might be the connector (it is on my Titanium-X), but it may also be a connector ready for a tow bar. It's too dark now to go out and have a real shufty at the cable colours, but the wiring diagram shows the following present in the parking sensor connector :- Blue+White, Yellow+Green, Green+White, White+Orange, Yelowl+Grey, Yellow+Orange. Aside from enabling Rear Parking Distance via the OBD port using an ODB adaptor and the relevant software (e.g. FoCCCus or Ford IDS) there are quite a number of parts required. On a Mk3 the ODB port is by the hinge of the small pocket in front of the driver's right knee and after opening it squeeze the two side in near the top to release it so you can detach the pocket. What follows is for genuine Ford parts, but you'll probably find it much, much cheaper to get an after-market kit and trigger it off the reverse bulb in the rear light cluster (I used this kit with my Mk2.5 and the bleeper was suitably annoying when obstructions were present). This Europe, Focus CB8 2011-, 4 Electrical, 41313 Electrical.Parking Distance Control, 4131305B Parking Distance Control will show you the breakdown of the rear bumper area. Parts required (you'll have to dig down amongst the list below the picture for each part number) :- 2 Inner brackets (ref. 15K861B); in the region of £10 each 2 Outer brackets (ref. 15K861A); in the region of £10 each 4 sensors (ref. 15K859); in the region of £30 each Bumper cover wiring loom (ref. 15B484); in the region of £35 ?? (too many to choose from) Parking Aid Control Module (ref. 15K866); in the region of £80 Some (really) sticky backed wiring clips to secure the loom to the bumper. A suitable sized hole cutter; I'm not sure if the bumper cover has pre-marked positions like the Mk2.5 was. Primer and matching body colour paint to colour the brackets as they don't come pre-coloured. As your profile shows 'Zetec' then there aresome other possible stumbling blocks I can think of :- Check behind the O/S Rear wheel arch trim below the rear light cluster to see if you've got the connectors (three or four I think) for the module; if present they'll be wrapped/taped up to the loom in that area. Whether your car has a Rear fusebox (5A fuse 30 for the Parking Aid Module) mounted behind N/S Rear wheel arch (there's rectangular access hatch low down beneath the rear light cluster hatch). The head unit (radio + display) as these produce the warning bleeps, reduce the radio volume and show the approximate positions of any obstructions in range; all controlled via CANBUS with the Ford module. There's also a switch to turn off the parking aid in front of the gear lever; 3rd from the left in the right bank. A Zetec without Start/Stop may not have this switch bank at all or may only have the Start/Stop disablement switch. Naturally you'll need to discover if your car has the necessary bit of main loom present for this switch bank (I can't find it in the wiring diagram). After typing that lot on reflection I think it'll probably be simpler (and cheaper) to get an after market kit. Hope that helped.
  3. Brand new Ford Focus

    Oh yes I almost forgot; the power seats can be adjusted without the engine running or the ignition being switched on.
  4. Brand new Ford Focus

    If your car (Titanium/Titanium X) has the 6-way electric drivers seat then there are two levers :- The rear lever adjusts the rake (angle of the backrest). The front lever if pushed fore/aft moves the seat fron tto back. However, if you lift-up/push-down the front end of the the front lever the seat raises/lowers in height. I believe there's also an 8-way electric drivers seat, but I've not seen one so I'm not sure how many levers that has or if it functions the same as the 6-way.
  5. Muffled Audio

    The sound on my Focus Titanium X is automatically muted when the parking aid is actived (reverse gear or manually using the 'parking aid' button) and there's an obstacle within range. Maybe with whatever was done to sort the 'key outside' problem has disturbed something and the parking aid is continuously active ? Hmm .. I'm not sure if the parking alert tone is silent if the warning chimes are disabled - worth checking the chimes are set to active in the menu settings. If you've got the 'parking aid' button to manually activate the parking sensors then try giving it a press, but turn the volume to your previous level first just in case that fixes it.
  6. Mk3 Focus 1.6ecoboost With 18inch Wheels

    I don't think you'll get a full size 18" rim to fit (unless you want the boot carpet to look like Quasimodo lying face down :)). I have 17" rims on my Focus Mk3 and even with the spacesaver spare there are still two foam packing pieces (about 4cm high) around the spare wheel well to make the boot carpet sit level. A full size spare would be a 5.5J x 16" rim and having had a Mk2.5 with a full size spare I'd guess you'd lose at least 10cm of height in the boot area due to the required much taller foam packing pieces.
  7. Ford Focus Mk2.5 Titanium Brake Light Bulbs

    Ring reference = R782 Also known as PR21W, they have a BAW15S bayonet fitting. Single contact 21W two pins spaced 120 degress apart and one pin is higher up from the base than the other. See http://www.donsbulbs.com/cgi-bin/r/b.pl/p21wr-21w-12v-baw15s~donsbulbs.html for the illustration of the BAW15S fitting.
  8. 2011 Focus 1.6TDCi Sport 53L tank Trip meter reports about 5MPG to 8MPG *high* and range of 672miles Real average MPG = 64.5 Real range = 720miles(ish)
  9. Speed Cameras On Overhead Signs

    Don't use that theory on the M42 around Birmingham; the cameras trigger even when the NSL (70MPH) is in force.
  10. Those look supsiciously like the clips for holding up the felt cover for the Mk2.5 Focus fusebox which are black rather than yellow; Mk2.5 clips -> Finis code = 1310861, about 75p each IIRC
  11. Calibrating The Car For Bigger Alloys?

    205/60R16 = 632mm rolling diameter 225/40R18 = 637mm rolling diameter Difference = 0.79% As long as it's within 2.5% the ABS etcetera won't even know and I doubt that the dealer would be able to account for such a negligable difference.
  12. Popping And Banging Exhaust

    They've obviously got the German Exhaust system :- Der Spitzen Poppen Bangen Tuben Taken from 'The German Phrasebook for the Common Market" (Motorist's Edition) :)
  13. Heated Front Windscreens

    The heated front windscreen is not a Ford invention and dates back further than you might think. My old 1969 Mini Cooper S had a laminated heated front windscreen made by TripleX (based in Kings Norton, U.K.); 60W on the driver's side and 20W on the passenger's side. Considering the relatively feeble output of an original Mini's heater that windscreen was very well appreciated on a cold winter's day. Flick the three switches (laminated heated rear as well) and listen to the Lucas 45ACR alternator whine whilst scraping the side windows; didn't half make the neighbours jealeous at how quick I cleared my car of snow/ice/frost :P.
  14. Handbrake Problem

    The handbrake on my previous Focus used to stick on occasionally (associated with going through water); the cables were fine, it was the damp brake shoes forming a bond with the drum. After the first time I found that pressing hard on the foot brake, releasing the handbrake and then reversing always broke the bond; here's why ... The brake shoe linings are optimised for stopping forward rotation (since that's the direction the car spends most of its time heading; unless you're Ken Block :)) and thus the shoes have 'leading' and 'trailing' edge. When correctly assembled the forward rotation of the drum helps to pull the shoes onto the drum surface thus increasing the effectiveness; therefore if you reverse immediately after releasing the handbrake you get the opposite effect and that helps to break the unwanted sticktion. Used to happen quite a bit with 1100/1300s and old Minis; the original ones, not the current tat (some of them are not 'Mini', they're more 'Dangerously Obese' ).
  15. Dirty Diesels - Dispatches

    @B13 Noisy ? Last passengers who asked why my Focus was so quiet (no extra sound deadning added and it's not a Titanium) - they were quite shocked when I told them it's a diesel. :) To be honest though it's probably more the way I drive it changing gear at just under 2000rpm and using the diesel's torque to accelerate rather than using high revs; the "lazy" upchanges also help in keeping the economy at about 65mpg.