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  1. So no red button anywhere...I just wanted to add something extra, not take something out :D
  2. Today I've received the call from my Ford dealer and the guy told my car went into the production schedule, which will be on the 29 April 2015, much faster than expected, therefore I did not have time to make any other changed to the car (adding something optional). I was just curious why other changes are not allowed if the car will be in production only in 11 days from now? Do you think there is anything that could be done once a chassis is given to the car. The dealer told me today that I can't make any changes anymore, but I think there might always be a plan B...what do you think?
  3. Guys, any idea if I go for the sport suspension for the new Mondeo, will it be super stiff? How low it will be 10-15mm? I am guessing that some of you might have added one on the MK4 and you know more...
  4. Well, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, therefore there is not much I can say about the Insignia :D
  5. So is the white, believe me :D
  6. I've chosen Frozen White as the color but I would have liked also a black wagon...but my wife is not that happy with having a big black car :D
  7. Looks nice mate and it is a manual one... ;) I've ordered a manual one myself, but I still have to wait for it, it will be produced in May and therefore have it in June. By the way, do you have the adaptive suspension on the car (normal, comfort and sport settings)?
  8. Thank mate! The strange thing about the adaptive suspension is that I can't find it on the optional list of the Mondeo, therefore I've assumed that it is standard. I have also checked Ford Australia and for the Titanium ones the adaptive suspension is standard.
  9. Is it worth having it, as an option (the self leveling suspension)?
  10. Hello everybody Is adaptive suspension standard in the Mondeo cars? Moreover, I would like to know what are the advantages of self leveling suspension, which comes as an option for estate versions. Cheers!
  11. What about adding the Webasto to the new Mondeo? Would it be a good option?
  12. I am really excited about the car. I was thinking about black because I had a frozen white Fiesta, but I will continue with white. I am located in Romania mate. Cheers
  13. Well, I am not from UK, but I guess is quite similar. Titanium 2.0TDCi, 180HP, Manual gearbox Frozen white Leather seats Self leveling rear suspension Bodystyling kit 18inch rims Panorama roof (with opening) Inflatable rear seatbelts Rear camera
  14. Cheers mate, appreciate your opinion. To bad you neighbor is not sharing some photos with the car here on the forum :D I've ordered Frozen White.
  15. Great! I am so happy because I've added the bodystyling kit on my order! It looks much cooler with the black grill. By the way guys, which one looks better, white or black (estate)