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  1. First Car - Fiesta 1.25, Spark plugs?

    Am going to saving for a good one, I can't justify spending less on tools than my xbox (at least not to the gf anyway), am starting either an apprenticeship or IMI course on mechanics this year, at 20 its better late than never so I hope to know a fair bit by the time the course starts. Am getting some new sparks tomorrow so I can get the measurements off them, have a feeling the lil fiesta will have 16mm. Thanks
  2. I recently purchased my first car, a fiesta 1.25 zetec for 750 pounds. Its a very basic trim with no luxurys bar the cd player i put in :). After buying the car it dawned on me that it needs a lot more work than I intended. The bodywork is bad.. like full respray bad and the exhaust was noisy and vibrated against the car where it had been converted to a four way manifold racing set-upwas 'fixed' for £100 pound at my local garage, they spent all afternoon cutting and welding trying to get a new middlebox to fit, this sorted the vibration problem though there is still a slight tinny/fizzy sound when revved over 3000rpm. Next problem I faced was its slight mis-fire which made hill climbs erm... avoidable, 'I' first thought it was a gearbox mounting fault (I looked up on forums), though the mechanic told me its more likely a sparkplug fault. I have since bought a few tools and consumables to get to grips with this, including a torque wrench as I'm commited to doing this properly.. with the help of haynes ha. Well thats about it apart from the dents and flooding boot, In a way I really hate the car,.. yet I'm determined to make good on its faults and learn on the way. So my questions for the group are, does anybody know of a good mechanic tool kit for under £100, what thread size are the fiestas (mk4 1.25) spark plugs, and what socket size do I need for their removal and fitting (I want to get the internally rubberised spark plug socket.) Thank you and a big hello to everyone.