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  1. Mondeo Flexifuel

    cheers pragmatix, i'll look at that
  2. Diesel Fumes In Car

    this is a month late, but i had the same problem with my 58 plate fiesta it turned out to the the injector leak off pipes and i was trading in the car a day later!!!!
  3. Mondeo Flexifuel

    Just seen my dads insurance renewal and i seen Flexifuel on the documentation, never knew this car had it, is there anyway to double check? cheers
  4. Service Types

    cheers, i thought it was a log in site, just saved the 3 year & 4 year service schedules, i'm away offshore tomorrow so i'll email my brother, who's better at questioning the service guys then me lol
  5. Service Types

    thanks Steven, can't check on ford etis, as i don't have it. this will at least give us some info to go back to AC and say you are not servicing the car to Ford's schedule. as for the brake disc's, they are not pitted as what you'd expect with not much miles, rusting up then getting used, they are scored through use
  6. Service Types

    My dad has not long had a 4 years service from AC, he's been told it need spark plugs & and air filter due to their age for replacement at our cost just wondering what year of a service (2nd, 3rd, 4th etc) do Ford recommend for these to be replaced cause i think we'll be back complaining saying AC are not servicing to Fords standard, as they did the 3rd year as well. Just need to get my facts right first before we go back in. also, after 6 months and about 500 miles later they say all 4 brake discs & pads are advised to be replaced, the car has only done 12k
  7. Mondeo, Mk4, 2.0L Spark Plugs

    cheers, i'll look into this in the next few days
  8. Looking to replace the spark plugs on my dads car, a 2011 mk4, can't find much info on which ones are right, the V5 says this Type - BA7 Variant - AOBC1E Version - 5BLB ND so i take it the engine code id AOBC? looking on eurocarparts, it looks like TR6AP-13 are the right plugs just really need conformation that they will be fine don't want to take out an original plug to check just in case we knacker up the threads with too many in/out of plugs also, anybody know the torque of the plug and the gap size? cheers
  9. Just Replaced A Master Brake Cylinder

    i had both sets of front pads out when they started squeaking, greased up and replaced, still the same squeak i'll check to see if it has been replaced
  10. well, the garage did, (58 plate fiesta) just wondering, i replaced the disc's & pads, took the cap off of the reservoir, gently squeezed back the pistons. not long after that, say 6 months, i started to get a wee squeak from the brakes, lightly touching the brake pedal would stop it, but it gradually got worse, so garage it was. got told they think it was the MBC, they've replaced it (also cleaned/greased the brakes from & back) and it seems to have done the trick just wondering if this has happened to anybody, as mechanics at my work (offshore) are saying it would've been highly unlikely the MBC ?
  11. Hi, quick question hopefully My dads just got a 2011, 2.0 zetec he's mentioned it doesn't have an outside temp gauge, is this correct? trying to find someting about it online, but it's a jungle lol cheers
  12. Aircon Recharge

    i'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes i'll need to check, i've also an aircon bomb to do, so i'll check when thats working
  13. Aircon Recharge

    ok, an update, got it done at a local garage, £45, vacuumed it out and recharged it, think he said it took 410ml??? anyway, he did mention that when sitting still, car running and the aircon on, the car never really went much colder, out on the road, it does get a lot colder. just wondering if this is normal???
  14. Fiesta Zetec 1.4 Tdci 2010 Windscreen?

    That's maybe it Mordey, I was using Chrome
  15. Aircon Recharge

    just want to confirm that this is the low pressure service connector?