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  1. CJJ71


    Thanks guys for your responses. I've decided to go down HID Xenon route. I would have loved the Dynamic LED but looking at the cost puts me off. Even if I got the upgrade, who's to say there would be extra wiring needed etc.
  2. CJJ71


    Hi Jon. Thanks for that I'll have a look at that. Cheers Chris.
  3. CJJ71


    Hi Guys. Many thanks for your responses. Your right Damian they only put halogen bulbs in which personally I think is wrong considering the car is an ST Line X or as its now known Edition. My question is can the car have an LED Headlight upgrade? If so, whats the cost involved? Many Thanks in advance...
  4. CJJ71


    Hi Guys. I have just purchased a 2017 Mondeo ST Line X. Upon inspection I wasn't that impressed with the main headlight brightness compared to my last car a Focus ST3. Can someone tell me if there are brighter bulbs out there and also what is the quickest way to change bulbs on my car? Many Thanks in advance Chris.