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  1. First time brosing here as my S Max is giving us grief! We bought the car in September 09, a 56 plate 2.0 TDCI Titanium with 40k on the clock, in December 09 the flywheel failed and ford replaced under the warranty provided. Now 14 months and 10400 miles later the flywheel has failed again!! My dealer are being quite helpful but advised me to talk to "Ford Customer Relations", I think they best comment the guy said was "Well you are the second owner of the vehicle and it is out of its original manufacturers warranty" I read that as you bought it second hand so its not our fault, so should you buy an "approved" used Ford vehicle??? I said I understand that it is out of its original warranty but it is a "new" genuine Ford replacement part that has failed not an original part from when the car was new. Should a flywheel fail after 10400 miles???? He asked if I was going to accept the 50% contribution to the cost of the part, but when I said its £1400 and the part is not the expensive part he said thats all that was on offer and I would get a new warranty with the part, all well and good untill it fails again after 14 months!!! I added that if they do not accept liabilty and help me out I would probably chop the car in and never buy a Ford again...... Customer relations my eye!!! I also have the Turbo whistle, like a leak in an air pipe somewhere, the airbag light is on/off intermittently too. Time to get shot me thinks............ Any one else had probs with the flywheel issue ???