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  1. I have attached a photo. Is this the label you are talking about? Should I *not* deface the part that says 1.27 or should I *not* peel the label off all together? I still believe even with the emissions the other parts would fail anyway and replacing the injectors could cost a lot of money.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I have gone through all previous MOT's on the car and the emissions test on my car have never come close to 1.27. The best year the car had was when I last got it serviced in 2019 and the car got 1.75, so it seems that my car will never get to the 1.27 required. The earliest emissions I have goes back to 2010/11 and the car got 2.85, and this is roughly what it gets all the time. Upto 2016 the car also has a full service history.
  3. Hi, I wanted to ask people's help due to an MOT failure and have been given some advice by the garage who done the initial MOT and by a friend who knows a mechanic but given different advice. So I am not going to state what advice has been given, and seek additional advice from members who will know about my car. I have a 2.0L TDCI 2004 Ford Mondeo - 6 Gear 130 Manual. The MOT failed for the following reasons:- Repair immediately:- Brake Pipe excessilvely corroded Offside Front Fuel Pipe union leaking (Fuel rail and injectors) Exhaust emissions exceed manufacturs specified limit Repair as soon as possible:- Position lamp light intensity obviously reduced Nearside Rear Position lamp light intensity obviously reduced Offside Rear Emissions Results:- TEST SMOKE MIN MAX 1 3.23 16 29 2 3.53 18 32 3 3.44 20 34 4 3.18 21 36 5 2.82 23 37 6 3.05 24 38 Any advice given would be very grateful. I uploaded a photo of the MOT test failure.
  4. Hi, I have started noticing recently that when the turbo is on there is a whistling noise, I should also mention that the noise only occurs when the car is in gear, as you cant rev the engine and get the noise to appear. I am not much of a mechanic and was just wondering what this could be? And how cheap and easy it would be for someone to fix.. 2nd Issue. WHen the car is idling there is a knocking noise which occurs, but it stops as soon as I put my foot on the clutch. Any ideas? I would appreciate any help with these issues. Should also mention car is 04 TDCi with the 6 speed 130.
  5. Hi, I purchased an 04 plate Mondeo 2.0l TDCI 130 from a car auction in Southampton on Thursday night. The car was a main dealer garage part exchange. It has done 110k miles and has some service history. The problems now since it was bought at auction didnt get much time to look around the car, but seems ok but has no MOT. One of the pipes in the engine bay is split and needs replacing. I have included a couple of pics so you can see the pipe. What I am asking is how easy is the pipe to replace yourself where is the best place to get the part and last what should I check on the car before putting it in for an MOT. The first 2 pics are just the engine bay. The third pic has the pipe in question. The last pic there is some oil build up in that area but I assumed this was coming from the pipe in question as quite alot of air is being lost from that pipe. Thanks, Matt