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  1. well i have had my car about 3 weeks now and recently i have noticed when changing from 1st to 2nd gear its not smooth and a bit hard to get it out of first to 2nd, all the other gears seem easy and slot in ok and i was just wondering if there might be a problem or its just me getting used to the car, i have noticed if i stay in 1st a couples seconds longer then i should it seems to change a bit better. Im not saying i have to force it to second gear its just not smooth and not as easy as the other gears.
  2. So you dont think theres a problem and i should not take it back to the garage?
  3. well i had my back windows tinted yesterday, im very happy with the result, and love the look of the car even more now, what do you guys think, excuse the not so clean car now i did wash it friday.
  4. how much would this cost? i paid £135 it was about one of the cheapest around here but i didnt want to go to cheap because you never know if they would do a good job. the tint is Dark Smokewhich lets in 20% light. I didnt want to go limo as i dont want to block everything out. but im very happy with the result.
  5. i thought about that but i have no clue how to do it so how would i go about doing that and whats the cost to get it done, i would not want it stupidly low so you hit every bump you go over and take the bottom of the car off lol.
  6. thanks, i think it looks loads better. have to think of something else to do next lol
  7. Hi i have booked my car in to have its windows tinted in 2 weeks time, they didnt ask on the phone what shades i wanted so i guess i will pick when im there? can someone give me some advice on what shades(name of tint)to get and what look the best? or give me some exmples of your cars. thanks
  8. ross1985

    Getting Windows Tinted On Fiesta Zetec 2010

    still no pics? it would be nice to see a few to see how they look. as im getting them done saturday.
  9. ross1985

    Getting Windows Tinted On Fiesta Zetec 2010

    Know one got any pictures yet?
  10. ross1985

    Your Fiesta

    Here a quick snap of mine its my firt full week of having the car and so far its the best car i have had since driving. this pic is not great but i hope the weathers going to be nice so i can get some better shots this weekend.
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    Getting Windows Tinted On Fiesta Zetec 2010

    thanks for that look forward to seeing the pictures.
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    Getting Windows Tinted On Fiesta Zetec 2010

    yeah thought they were slightly tinted already, ok i will just have to backs done, i did tell them i would probably have the fronts done too but i will just say i changed my mind when i get there. so if i want the medium tint for the backs i just ask for dark smoke which allows 20% light ?
  13. ross1985

    Getting Windows Tinted On Fiesta Zetec 2010

    yeah i had a look at some posts on here about the fronts, i think i might just go for the backs not sure if the fronts would make it look any better then just having the backs done. thanks for taking the time to sort some pics out for me.
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    Getting Windows Tinted On Fiesta Zetec 2010

    great thanks for the information, i have put in to have the fronts done too but im now thinking maybe i will just have the backs done, what do you think both or just the backs, im looking for a medium on the backs, im not looking at the limo as i dont want it that dark and dont want to struggle seeing out the back. john the link to your car pics didnt work but the others did. thanks.
  15. HI thanks only the sedond 2 are form my canon 1000d the first one was my iphone, hopefully if the weather is nice the weekend i will go out and spend more time taking some pics.
  16. Well im finally going to be picking up my new fiesta zetec 2010 today, i cant wait, im, sure i will tall it a few times but oh well. is there anything i should be looking out for or listening to when driving to see if theres any problems etc? i will post pictures at the weekend. pictures now added. i have been driving most of the day, i had a 2005 suzuki swift before and for a couple of weeks constantly stalling it i thought it was a hard car to drive for a while, but this one i have not stalled and im really enjoying driving itand playing with all the gadgets and buttons inside lol. the car has only done 1700 miles After its first clean lol before i cleaned it.
  17. im bumping this post as i have now put some pictures on, i didnt think i needed to start a new post, hope you like this pictures,
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    2010 fiesta zetec

    2010 fiesta zetec
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    INSIDE CAR.jpg

    From the album: 2010 fiesta zetec

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    From the album: 2010 fiesta zetec

  21. well i have had it for the day but been working so not drove it other then to and back from work but so far i love it. my dad just made me let him take it out for a drive but obviously i had to go with him to make sure it was ok lol. i will put pictures up at the weekend if the weathers nice.
  22. Hi can i just ask if i set my iphone up the way you have said with USB jack cable and an unbranded 3.5mm jack - 3.5mm jack cable will the ubs cable which came with my iphone charge the phone too? im only asking as i have not got my 2010 fiesta yet picking it up thursday.
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    Getting Windows Tinted

    i was looking at a post on here about things to do to your car and tinting the windows was one of them, i was thinking when i get my car to get the back windows and boot window tinted. do you think this will be worth doing i like the look of cars with tinted back windows. i emailed a garage in plymouth who do it and they quoted me £135 to do it. Is that a good price? i dont know how dark to have it either i guess i will have to decide when i got there.