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  1. Side Skirts!!

    Is the diffuser pre-painted or will I have to paint it myself ( just trying to work out total cost of buying/ fitting this mod.
  2. Side Skirts!!

    That diffuser looks good Mackers, might get one myself, how would it be fitted??, is it a D I Y job or body shop?, please inform us of the quality of the part when it arrives and post pics
  3. New Remote (2009) ?

    That price is really not that bad,I paid my local ford dealer ( or is that stealer ) £175 + vat last year for key and programing , Mike
  4. What Is This Pipe??

    Thanks for the replies Guys, pipe now reconnected to the air filter box :D
  5. What Is This Pipe??

    so I need to connect the pipe to the air filter box pipe yes??
  6. What Is This Pipe??

    Hi, I was filling the windscreen wash bottle on my focus titanium 16 08 reg, when I noticed this pipe coming from the rocker cover and just hanging there not connected to anything, near to where the end of the pipe there is a small pipe type connection ,coming I think from the bottom of the air cleaner box, should the pipe be connected to this ??, the pipe from the rocker is pre shaped, but when I put the pipe near the bottom of the airbox, it does not seem to line up for connection, any thoughts on this out there?? Mike.
  7. Focus Mk2 Mod Ideas

    Lenny, will this aeriel work with the Sony DAB radio fitted to my focus titanium??
  8. What Do You Guys Reckon About This????

    the reason I dont want to fit the zetec s diffuser is that I have genuine ford mudflaps on my titanium and understand that you cannot fit the zs lip with mudflaps on
  9. What Do You Guys Reckon About This????

    thanks Lenny. will think about it. unsure of the fit to be honest. but for that price might be worth buying anyway just to see.
  10. What Do You Guys Reckon About This????

    How do you find these things Lenny??. do you think they look flimsy or is it just me/ do you think they are the same as the ones in my link??
  11. Hi I found this while trawling through ebay. what do you think of this diffuser. I know it is not a zetec s diffuser with the wrap around sides and only fits underneath the bumper but do you reckon it is okay? or poor quality like the ones from Poland??. It comes in various colours as per link. will it be hard to fit? Mike. Here ------- http://www.ebay.co.u...4ab9c8b8a4#ht_4 Has anyone bought one???
  12. Rear Badge And Petrol Flap Questions

    thanks all for the replies. feel a lot better now.fantastic forum by the way . has given hours of pleasure reading various posts. Mike.
  13. Rear Badge And Petrol Flap Questions

    Thanks for the reply
  14. Hi, I have two questions regarding my focus 08 titanium, 1/ When washing my car I noticed that behind the rear ford badge ( on the rear hatch ) there was a very thin rubbery sort of material loose behind the badge. Without thinking I pulled off the material and threw it away, I am now thinking that it may have been the wrong thing to do. will this allow water into the boot?? 2/ I have noticed that when the car is locked I can still open the filler flap exposing the petrol filler hole. Is this normal or should it not be able to open?? any answers / help with these questions will be gratefuly recieved. Mike.
  15. Exhaust Tip

    Hi, can anyone advice me if this exhaust tip will fit my 08 Focus Titanium 16 L Petrol. http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_fo ... __2308.htm