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  1. Boot Wont Open?

    no the warrenty ran out in july just my luck with things like that, ill have a look into it
  2. Boot Wont Open?

    thats a bit of a p**s take, any idea how much one costs and is it a simple thing to replace myself or not ?
  3. Boot Wont Open?

    hi all im having a bit of trouble with my 2010 ford fiesta titanium, lately i havent been able to open my boot with the boot handle i have been having to open it with my key fob, anyone having the same problem or has had it and found out what was wrong ? cheers dan
  4. Focus Rs Wheels

    i cant remember any of it tbh mate i blacked out when i seen where i was heading into the ditch yh only think i thought, luckily i got another car now just make sure it dont happen again
  5. Focus Rs Wheels

    coming onto a slip road mate, leaves every where and in the rain so wasnt the best of weather and the back end slid out but i couldnt bring it back around as it was too far gone and ended up in a ditch with 2 trees stopping me from rolling, strange thing tho was i was in my mates car a few weeks before and the exact same thing happened but we were lucky enough to straighen up Luckily enough i had no one in the car with me at the time and all i had was a burn on my left wrist from where the air back went off I think if i was in any other car it would of been my !Removed! and dont think id be here now ! police officer at the crash said theres been a fair few deaths in the same spot over the years
  6. Focus Rs Wheels

    Cheers mate, finally got it, took me long enough !
  7. Focus Rs Wheels

    hopefully the links work as its saying im not permitted to upload this sort of file :S
  8. Focus Rs Wheels

    that didnt work :/ heres some links
  9. Focus Rs Wheels

    Found a Way to post pictures, so heres some of my old car
  10. Focus Rs Wheels

    i know wish i could get it back but i think it might be a coke cab right now :/ i got some photos just dont knwo how to put them on here, got them saved not got a web link to them
  11. Focus Rs Wheels

    ive recently wrote off my 1.25 zetec which was a zetec s reppy but now have a 1,4 titanium but im stuck with this car for a good few years now seeing as its the only thing i can insure :/ so im looking to put a bit of money into it so its not a problem but those 4 stud 17's on ebay would be perfect as i could keep everything the same with the hubs and i would just need some 30mm speacers as im looking into getting the wide arch kit fitted and having the car resprayed white with a tinit of baby blue like the white st's got a lot planned just sorting the money out and getting it all done now
  12. Rear Diffuser

    yes with the zetec s rear diffuser there are two plastic add on which ive seen as being called spats (dont know if this is the name of them) this is where the diffuser is rivetted on to one each side
  13. Rear Diffuser

    sorry guys been busy moving house and so on and sorting internet out not been able to get on diffuser come off simple just like said the two rivets come off then you simply just pop the diffuser off the car, feels like its going to snap but i just give it a good pull and hoped for the best
  14. Focus Rs Wheels

    hi guys just a quick one but does anyone know if its possible to buy an adaptor to change the standard 4 studs on a mk7 fiesta to a 5 stud fitment as im looking to buy a set of Focus RS wheels for my car cheers
  15. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    09 zetec and ive been getting 35 max driving sensibly and around 28 if i put my foot down