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  1. What indicator light are you referring to? I`ve no probs with my indicators. It`s the 3 blower direction buttons that now light up at the same time and won`t go off along with the A/C not coming on...I `m quite sure it`s just a matter of pushing the right buttons to reset it after a battery disconnection...need to find someone who knows this procedure.
  2. I disconnected the car`s batter on my 56-plate mk3 tdci 130 and on reconnecting it, all 3 blower direction control buttons in a row now come on and stay on and also my A/C won`t come on. Someone said there`s a reset procedure by pressing the buttons in a certain way. Can anyone supply me with this procedure? Big thanks! Stu
  3. thanks for this info re re-setting the heater system...i guessed it may be something like this, but had no idea what to do...
  4. Sorry - also meant to say I cannot get my Air Conditioner to start blowing also and it was fine before disconnection.
  5. Hi Folks, I disconnected the battery on my Mondeo 130, hdi, 56-plate and when re-connectied, the 3 indicator lights for my heating choices all come on at the same time and cannot be pressed off - the one for blowing air to your feet, the screen etc and they`re just above the cd player. I`ve disconnected the battery before and bnever had this problem and know how to re-set the windows up-down buttons, but need help with solving this problem. I also deliberately disconnected the battery again and left it for an hour before re-connecting, but same problem. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks! Stu (Glasgow)
  6. Hi, thanks for this info... Going to bleed clutch later today after I put on a wee clamp to the clutch pipe that comes out of the top side of the reservoir's a steel pipe that goes into the reservoir and is a few inches long...this goes into a flexible piece of something about 5 inches long, and another steel pipe line goes in the other side of it and down to the clutch. Each end of this flexible tubing has a wee clamp ..however, when I checked to see if the pipe coming up from the clutch could be moved where it enters the flexible tubing, it slid out without any effort at all so the wee circular clamp is not sealing and holding it...will put one on that can be tightened with a screwdriver and see if it totally secures it...if ok, will bleed the clutch...
  7. Just back from him...he`s been really nice about it...told me to bring it back and he`ll sort it out...only prob is, it`s 10 miles away and i have to start the car in the gear i place it in before starting up as it won`t change when will have tio start it in 2nd ad drive thru Glasgow for 10 miles till i reach his place. He said rev up slightly and it will change as the revs die down,...yet to try this. I`m sure it`s just one of the line joints/circlips has loosened a bit and is letting in air so no clutch line pressure.
  8. Thanks Stoney...this`ll make it better for me knowing this when i`m putting it to the owner of this garage tomorrow and insisting he repair it.
  9. Hi All, Very unusual problem just occured today after having a new alternator belt (auxuliary belt) fitted to my 2ltr, 130, tdci, 56-plate Mondeo. The mechanic at the garage was doing my job as the first one he`d done on this car. He jacked up the engine to do it and removed the engine mounting driver`s side...he jacked up the engine quite a bit on the driver`s side. Eventually got the belt on and everything re-fitted. Drove home the 8 miles with no gearchanging problems and stoped in at shopes 500yds from my house. As I was pulling in at kerbside at shops and trying to change gears, it was sticky and i had to be a bit forceful. By the time I came out of shops and tried to drive away, the problem was getting really bad and it was getting very hard to select a gear. Pulled in at my gate and couldn`t change gears unless i`d switched off engine, then absolutely no problem with clutch pedel down,..let pedal up and car took off in first as normal, but could change out of this gear. Turned engine off again and down with cluth pedal and any gear was available. Started up in first gear, but now the car was beginning to creep forward even with the clutch pedal fully down and clutch supposedly disengaged . Any ideas as to the problem??? Could a fluid line have been snapped or partly broken with what he did in jacking the engine as the problem came on gradualy?? Need my car for work so any help GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! Stuart
  10. Hi Folks, After ongoing issues with my car and the dreaded flashing glow plug light, the diesel specialist garage has said that it is the boost pressure wastegate which is the problem. They have said that they cant be bought separately and Ford will only sell it alongside a new Turbo unit for £1000. Is there any alternative to having to do this - can the pressure sensor or whatever be accessed? Also, what are the symptoms if a Map sensor is faulty on a mondeo tdci? Thanks, Stuart