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  1. Other 'boys Toys'

    My other toy...
  2. Quickclear. Why Only Ford

    It is a great feature but I wouldn't call it 'Quickclear' on the Fiesta's, more like 'GiveMe10MinutesClear'. Mondeo, Focus = quick Fiesta = not so quick Just something i've noticed and many
  3. New Zetec S Tdci

    After driving Diesels for quite a few years, I do find the Mk7 TDCi a bit gutless compared to many other diesels on the market. If your after a comparison between it and your Golf you'll be disapointed with the Fiesta, the power delivery is not smooth. I find my other car Focus 1.6 TDCi 110bhp has far better delivery and performance. I will be looking at a 6-speed Focus TDCi next Hope that helps Bri
  4. Zetec S Tyre Options

    All the 16" Zetec wheels from Ford come with Hankook's . Now, previously i would have avoided them as I always classed them as a budget tyre, but WOW i am so impressed both in the dry and the wet. I will certainly be concidering these next time. Hope that helps Bri
  5. To Eibach Or Not To Eibach?

    Not sure if this helps at all being a Fiesta, but I opted for the Eibach springs as an option. The ride doesn't appear to be any lower than the standard springs, however the ride is noticably stiffer.
  6. My New Fiesta!

    Yep, my 2011 TDCi does the same, pointless trying a quick start in 1st gear just dies after 2.5 thousand revs and then picks up again. Our 1.6 Focus diesel doesn't do it, I can only imagine it s becasue of the Fiesta's tiny turbo
  7. What Do You Want On Facelift Mk7.5

    1. Move the electric window switches so you don't need double jointed wrists to operate them 2. Height adjustable seatbelts on the B-pillars 3. Some form of armrest would handy Bri
  8. North Wales Newbie - 9K Escort Van

    Welcome, where abouts in North Wales are you?
  9. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    I have Metallic Micastone, so voted Grey
  10. Reverse Camera?

    I wasn't initially after the camera to be honest, as I also thought why put parking sensors on a small car. I really wanted the auto lights and wipers and the camera came as part of the pack (not sure what the pack was called). After using it for a while i see the camera not so much as a strict parking tool but something for extra rear peripheral visibility , (sounds one of the same thing i know) but it works well
  11. North Wales & North West England Meet

    I've voted
  12. Reverse Camera?

    Sorry if i've confused you but it was part of the pack when new from Ford. You get the camera, parking sensors, auto lights and auto wipers.
  13. Reverse Camera?

    Hi mate, Just updated my profile with my model, here are a couple of pictures (albeit a bit wet) but are good enough to see the Ford setup... Cheers Bri
  14. Reverse Camera?

    I did. At first it was an 'impress your mates' gadget. but after a few weeks i find i'm using it more and more. It's a handy piece of kit
  15. Newbie From North Wales

    Hi Guys, thanks for the welcome. I'm in Bangor Car is due end of April