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  1. Are these things easy to fit?? or is it a long drawn affair??
  2. The one that can be found on left hand side of driver,s seat,to adjust back of seat,on the look out for spare button/knob as Passenger one broke off,what part name would it come under??
  3. Got 45 litre tank on mine for lpg,just wondered how many km/h i could expect to travel on full tank of lpg,reason i ask is lpg guage is misleading,@ moment im usually refilling on 160 km=100 miles,but most probably have plenty of gas to spare left so may not need to?? Also if car do run out of lpg,does it automaticly switch over to petrol?? Sorry if questions above seem bit daft,but i have limited knowledge on car technical side/these issues,and wanted benefit of some of you on here who know lot more about thse things than myself..... Cheers
  4. Found out earlier today,its a 48 litre tank......
  5. Dad,s just got one,nice car,drives lovely.......... Just wondered what is actual size(litres) the lpg tank fitted in boot is?,it is ford fitted,not another conversion 35 litres? 40 litres? 45 litres? Cheers