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  1. Taking My Fiesta To France - Advice

    Afternoon I drove to the South of France last year no with problems what so ever. I have 1.25 Zetec and it coped fine. It did struggle at some stages due the car being fully loaded with luggage, this just made overtaking a bit risky due to the lack of power, but apart from that all is well. I went via ferry so can not really comment on the Euro tunnel. Roads were amazingly smooth and a real joy to drive. Reece
  2. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    I do a 18 mile round trip to and from work 4 days a week, normal 30mph roads and get 37.8 mpg
  3. Polish V Wax - What's The Difference?

    As above using www.detailingworld.co.uk for great tips. When I am doing a full detail will do/use the following: Wheels and tyres with Bilberry Wheel Cleaner Rinse wheels and whole of car PH Neutral snow foam. Leave to dwell for 5/10 minuets Rinse off and wash car with 2 bucket method Rinse off car and leave wet ready for claying Clay car with Megs Detailer and Clay bar Re-wash car and dry Spray car panels with Iron x and leave for 10 minuets Wipe off with MF cloth - You can re rinse or re wash at this stage also. Super Resin Polish HD Wax Regards Reece
  4. Your Fiesta

    Heres mine... 1.25 Frozen White Zetec Gloss black alloys, Gloss black mirror caps and limo dark rear tints Reece
  5. New Member

    By all means, aslong am im earning im not to fussed !
  6. Hids On Mk7

    I had HID's fitted on my abarth grande punto and although it looked good, dear good they were bright. I never had any complaints and was only flashed by another road user once. Saying that though i will not be fitting any to my fiesta when it arrives. I will just buy some uprated bulbs. Reece
  7. New Member

    Yea should be here by next week fingers crossed. It can take anything up too 4 hours for me to clean my car! Reece
  8. New Member

    hello guys Right change of plane. Im still getting the fiesta but a new 11 plate now instead of a used one. The new frozen white fiesta should be here by next week as it only has to come from the depot. Have a few plans already, I.e black wheels and the blue stripes. i will also start a detailing thread as I am a bit OCD when it comes to keeping cars clean. Will keep you updated. Reece
  9. What Bulbs

    Evening My current car has h4 HDI's fitted to it and i am hoping i c an transfer these over to the ford but i was just wondering what type of bulb the 58 plate fiesta Zetec uses? Thank you in advance Reece
  10. New Member

    Evening all Names Reece from SE London and hopefully will be the proud owner of a 58 plate Zetec 1.25 tomorrow morning. Changed cars to try to save abit of money seeing as times are hard. Car i own at the moment is a 09 Abarth Grande Punto 155. Glad to be here! Reece