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  1. Kuga Kev

    Picked up my new Edge

    Very Nice.
  2. Kuga Kev

    Picked up my new Edge

    Very nice.
  3. Kuga Kev

    Picked up my new Edge

    No I am in Grays but I go Lakeside a lot.
  4. Kuga Kev

    Picked up my new Edge

    It could be mine.
  5. Kuga Kev

    New Ford Edge Club Section

    I ordered mine on the 1st April and got it on the 12th August.
  6. Kuga Kev

    How Long From The Docks USA To UK

    About Three to four weeks if at Southampton but you will love it when you get it Enjoy.
  7. Kuga Kev

    Ford Edge Review

    I got mine last Friday.
  8. Kuga Kev

    Ford Edge Review

    Great review.
  9. Kuga Kev

    Picked up my new Edge

    My dealer said today as it has arived I can pick it up some time next week.
  10. Kuga Kev

    Picked up my new Edge

    My dealer informed me today NO Front Camera. But I am getting Free Diamond bright plus bag for the inconvenience plus dealer pick up on the 19th August.
  11. Kuga Kev

    Picked up my new Edge

    I should get my 2016 Edge Sport 2.0. powershift by the end of August early September. But I ordered it with a front camera looked on Ford Etis with vin number it says less front camera video but says CAD gen 3 pack is that the camera.
  12. I upgraded to the nav/rear view camera but no sub. :P
  13. The car is great and I am loving it. :D
  14. Here is a picture of my new Focus ST3 Diesel fully loaded in Race Red. The picture was taken in Fords compound the day before I collected it.