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  1. Another Bye Bye Fez!

    Needed something cheaper to run to save up so me & the boyf can get our own place. Have to say it is saving me a good £400 on insurance! Bit like they say, some good things have to come to an end. :( hahah poor car! Lovely pictures stoney, but I don't drive like an idiot so that shouldn't happen to me unless someone in a ford rams me off the road (please don't!) And Mark, I am just deeeelighted by them photos... <_<
  2. Another Bye Bye Fez!

    You know im only messing with yous, i miss my fezzy! :( Just look at the bright side, the quicker i save money the quicker i can come back! How did you manage that stoney? haha!
  3. Another Bye Bye Fez!

    Why thanks for all the kind comments guys! <_< haha! I just emotionally broke down because thats my fez away to his new home now and he's away to get a big exhaust stuck on! :( Im so tempted to post a photo of the CORSA to burn your eyes but im scared I get a lifetime ban!
  4. Another Bye Bye Fez!

    Booo, no!! :( One thing thats annoying me right now is why are the bleeding pedals so close together!!
  5. Another Bye Bye Fez!

    *big sad face* :(
  6. Another Bye Bye Fez!

    Sorry to say that i am now an owner of... a v#####ll!
  7. Another Bye Bye Fez!

    Unfortunately not haha. His is a C by the sounds of it and im looking at a D! :) Haha that would different but would you really want a corsa in the Ford family? Don't worry, I'll always remember that phrase! I'll need to buy a paper bag to put over my head!
  8. Another Bye Bye Fez!

    I hope so! My brothers coming along too to look over it (he's a mechanic) so aslong as he gives it the all clear it should be fine... fingers crossed! :)
  9. Another Bye Bye Fez!

    Dont jinx it! :(
  10. Another Bye Bye Fez!

    Thanks Pree! I hope it serves me as well as my fez has so I dont have to spend money on it haha! The sooner I can save up the sooner I can come back!
  11. Another Bye Bye Fez!

    Haha I did '#' it out so I didn't say the word though! I'm a bit happier now, the boys mum just said I could keep the car till Friday so I could buy the c##sa and get my private plate transferred straight over to it. :) But im happy to hear that he can't wait to get the car (he's currently driving a 1.2 c##sa... ) But in the words of Arnie "I'll be back!" :D
  12. Another Bye Bye Fez!

    I'm afraid so! The very hated five letter C word haha! I can see my friends now saying "why did you buy that, i thought you hated co#sa's?!" In which my reply will be, "Yeah, but they're cheaper than the superior ford! ;)" haha! We will see how long it keeps me 'happy' for. I'll always be a Ford person though, and i'll definitely be back when I can afford the new Fiesta ST! :D
  13. Bye Bye Fiesta!

    Oh dear haha! Well I hope your '13' plate brings you all the luck you need!
  14. Another Bye Bye Fez!

    Well the day has finally come. My poor fez will be going to this new home tonight/tomorrow to his first male owner! Will definitely be sad to see it go after serving me well the past 3 years. But the time has come to start saving up for a place of my own so the only option was to get a cheaper car to run! If I had better pay (dont we all wish) the car would most defintely not be going anywhere! Dare I say what car i'm looking at tomorrow night though...
  15. Bye Bye Fiesta!

    Im just away to post the same subject! Sold my fez on saturday after nearly 3 years ownership and its going tonight/tomorrow. :( Will be super sad to see it go but i need something cheaper to run to save up for a house! Im guessing your not one of those supersticious people that won't buy a '13' plate because its unlucky haha. Hope your focus serves you well! :)