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  1. Odd Noise When Driving

    Possible Wheel bearings?
  2. Sensor

    Is it not a Light sensor for the dash lights? Also what is the small vent in the middle of the 4 screen heater buttons?
  3. Esp

    Hi all Quick question about esp on a 09 mk2.5 zetec. I can switch it off via the console but it resets to on when I restart the car. Is this normal?
  4. Usb Compatible ?

    Bought the Ford music box from local Ford dealer £40 Inc vat Usb lead long enough to reach central arm rest.
  5. Ice/snow And Brake Grinding Noise

    Cheers for the reply Steady First things I checked- but no everything's fine. Have a feeling it's to do with the Esp system but as I've not had a car with Esp before can't be sure
  6. Hi all Driving in the snow and ice over the past couple of weeks I noticed when I brake hard I get a grinding/metallic sound from brakes. Noise is not there in normal conditions- brakes are fine. Car is 1.6 zetec petrol with abs and esp (I think) Any thoughts?
  7. Climate Controll

    Cheers troy45- Somehow I thought that might be the case!
  8. Climate Controll

    Hi and happy new year to all! Just wondering what's involved in changing from a manual A/C To auto- if possible, on a 2009 1.6 petrol.
  9. Cambelt + Water Pump Costs

    Hi As a matter of interest, what mileage is on the car and what indicates that the cam belt needs changed?
  10. Powering A Screen Mounted Sat Nav

    Thanks Stoney871 Would u know if there is much clearance behind the A pillar for a 12 volt or even a usb socket?
  11. Hi all Want to use a screen mounted sat nav in my 2.5 focus. Any ideas as to the best way to power this- don't want to run a lead from the center console.
  12. Usb Playback

    Thanks Deep_82 Was thinking more of a oem unit- maybe the non-dab sony one.
  13. Usb Playback

    Hi all Recently upgraded from a 2001 mk1 to a 2009 mk2.5 It came fitted with bluetooth and voice control and a ford 6000 Cd. My question is this: I want usb/mp3 playback and am considering changing the Hu, what options do I have without losing the bluetooth option? Many thanks in advance for any help, advice offered.