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  1. There is a further unfortunate aspect in all this. As luck would have it, the bash happened a few days before the car was due in for its first service. Because the car will be over 13 months old when it is back on the road, the servicing condition of the warranty will not have been met, so in theory the warranty will have been invalidated. My Ford dealer says that as there is proof the car was laid up, any future claim should be honoured, but I wonder if I can share their confidence?
  2. Well I decided to drop in on the Bodyshop manager today and I now have a promise they will do all they can to bring completion date forward by two weeks. Still a long time, considering what you guys say, but an improvement. Comment was that they were really quiet when the car went in, but "suddenly we're inundated". Funny that!? Thanks all for your helpful posts...
  3. Many thanks for replies. Seems they are stringing me along which is annoying because I specifically gave them the business as the only recommended body shop of my local Ford main dealer. They are also recommended locally by BMW and Porsche and have an impressive website offering all the best equipment, expertise and service, etc, etc... Problem now is, do I get heavy with them on the basis of your comments and risk getting half a job done!! I think maybe I'll try and visit and discuss with a manager... Presumably, the insurance company have been advised of the costs (so far estimated at £6,000) and the timescale. I would have thought they would have had something to say, particularly as they are paying for my hire car. Repair will involve replacement of all the lower plastic rear panels and bumper, etc, the tailgate, and realigning the body shell which has creased behind the rear side windows. The boot floor/spare wheel housing was damaged as was the bumper surround/tailgate fastening. (The electrics, however, were undamaged, including lights, indicators and parking sensors). Then, of course, there is the paint job, but all in all it's hard to see how they can want to take so long... And all this from a bump that only gave us a severe jolt. Can't imagine what happens to a car in a really bad crash...?!
  4. Hi guys, Wondered if anyone here had any experience of reasonable timescales for car body repairs... My beloved Focus estate, less than a year old, was rear ended on 30th April. Third party accepted responsibility and I expressed my preference for my local Ford main dealers' recommended body shop firm to carry out the repair. It took a week for agreement to be reached on that and another few days for the body shop to collect car. Then a few more days for the assessors to agree costs, etc. Then a couple of weeks for all the Ford parts/panels etc to arrive at the body shop. So earlier this week, (a month on, and nothing done to the car), the car was being dismantled for full assessment, regardless of which the firm is quoting a minimum of 25 working days (ie FIVE weeks) for the job. Ok, all the rear panels and tailgate need replacing and the back end will need pulling back into shape before re painting, but will that really take five weeks' work? I still don't have an estimated completion date, and I wonder if the company is dragging things out. Anyone had experience of this type of repair?
  5. Fiesta Mk 7 Wheel Size Question

    Well after much humming and harring, I've gone and done it - and the wheels fit fine! Four winter tyres including wheels for £360 all in. Quite happy with that, sure the price will go up in the autumn. Hope they're all they're cracked up to be when the winter weather comes!!
  6. Hi, I am trying to buy a set of winter tyres with wheels for my 2011Fiesta Edge 1.4, which at the moment has 15" steel wheels as standard, with 195/50 tyres. Stamped on the standard wheel is 6Jx15 x 47,5. The wheels I have been looking at are described as JA8 1388ccm 71 kW BJ.: 10.2008-. Further description says they are 4-hole steel wheels: 15 inch 4 x 108.00 x 63.30 ET: 47.50. All this is gobbledygook to me!! I am amazed at how many options there are four wheels! Can anyone tell me if these wheels will definitely fit my Mk7. Thanks...
  7. Hello From Hampshire

    Went for Moondust Silver, Edge model, auto. I went for the Edge because I wanted steel wheels (unusual, I know), but I intend to get a set of winter tyres and it should be cheaper to buy a set of steel wheels to fit them to - not sure where I will get the wheels yet!
  8. Hello From Hampshire

    Just wanted to say a quick hello. Haven't been a Ford driver for some years, but over the years have earned my stripes with a Ford Popular, Ford Anglia (showing my age now!), a Sierra 4x4, Sierra XR4i, Granada, various Fiestas (lost count!), and in two weeks time will take delivery of a Fiesta 5 door Mark 7. Confess this will be used as a town car/second car, but it certainly looks a cracking vehicle compared to rivals. We'll see. Achieved a very big discount which I am very pleased with, but have some issues which I'd like to talk about in the relevant areas of the Forum. Best regards all...