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  1. the mpg improves significantly following its first service when the ECU is reprogrammed to take into account the engine wear. mine went from about 55mpg to 62mpg within a day also, the 5 speed gearbox isnt best suited to the motorway - but then the fiesta isn't really designed to be a long distance cruiser. i find i get the same economy on the motorway or on the A roads, but the A roads are much more fun :)
  2. i love my 1.6 TDCi, mainly for the economy tho. also, if you buy it from a ford retail group dealer rather than a franchised one, in my experience, they treat you a bit better, in general was your last one from a FRG dealer?
  3. best kept to oneself but no, the tweeters wont go off if you put back speakers on, assuming you have the speakers to fit (you wouldnt put the back speakers on a tweeter feed anyway, as it wouldnt drive the bigger speakers)
  4. interesting how you have a fader option, what happens when you fade to rear, does the sound go off completely?
  5. i remember seeing halfords selling spinner wheel trims for about £40. perfect for your poverty spec 1 litre saxo
  6. they do on the roller phantom, they wobble tho - looks like a clicker on the wheel of a bus
  7. Welcome to the 'Titanium with Body Kit and 7 spoke wheels' Club!
  8. It's probably because you have the EATC on Auto, so the air conditioning is constantly going on and off. The fan is also used to cool the air conditioning condenser matrix which gets hot ("carries" the heat from the cabin to the condenser)
  9. welcome! expect 60+ mpg in the summer and 55 ish in the winter! :D remember to give it a motorway blast freuqently to clean the DPF
  10. any good garage should have a ford IDS (diagnostics) fault code reader. they will probably charge you labour for the diagnostics, and quote you on the issue. pay the labour for the diags and then decide whether to attempt the fix yourself or get a garage (not necessarily the same one that did the diags) to do it. that would be my port of call
  11. the PCM light can come on for a number of reasons, rather than presume it is the EGR valve, get it on a diagnostics machine to find out the fault code(s) and go from there
  12. interesting how nobody has mentioned the centura
  13. Does it display tracks? I thought only the S displays the artist/track etc over bluetooth... I don't have an iPhone to try it for myself - I personally use a Windows phone which even reads aloud text messages and allows you to dictate a reply - so I was basing it on what I have heard
  14. If you have the high-level bluetooth/USB/VC option, you can make a call and listen to music over bluetooth - no cables required. it will even show the artist and title on the screen over bluetooth (iPhone 4S only)
  15. i wholeheartedly withdraw my advice then though apparently there are additive chemicals you can get to evaporate the water from your tank if its really bad.
  16. but oil and water are immiscible, so they won't "dilute" (?)
  17. if it is the water in fuel light, my advice would be to run it till almost empty then brim it with super diesel and give it a good spin down the motorway, to clear the system, then keep an eye on it, if it returns get it looked at for a failing seal
  18. well for the first 3 months, which i am guessing it was between build and registration, it won't have been driven, so in reality the oil has only had 9 months of working use, so i would wait until your first annual service.
  19. It's not fuel in oil, it's "oil quality" Your car is 9 months from registration, but on ETIS when was it built? I suspect the oil in the engine is 1 year old, which may trigger the message/light.
  20. Well hello there newbie with a Metal on order Spare a dime for ol'gil?
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