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    fiesta titanium
  1. how do i change battery for my key fob (key less start)
  2. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    I just love my titanium just the ideal colour
  3. I just need to know if the 3 screws and elec plug is only thing to do before release of headlight, does the white clip have anything to do, or does it just clip in when returned to base
  4. Philips blue vision

    took 3 screws out and elec plug but i think if i force it i might break something, but if its all you do then will try to be abit more forcefull, many thanks
  5. I have tried taking the headlight unit out but something seems to be stopping it coming out, is it any thing to do with this white clip, and where is it, all three screws are out and light socket i dont want to force it just incase something snaps
  6. Philips blue vision

    i have tried taking the headlight unit out but something seems to be stopping it coming out, is it any thing to do with this white clip, and where is it
  7. headlamp release

    Can anyone tell me in detail if possible including pics on how to release a fiesta headlamp and is there any special tools etc, many thanks to all
  8. Philips blue vision

    Would appreciate some pictures to look at. Is there any special tools I need also is there a yellow type screw plug of some sort to release as well but do's look difficult even now after the other guy tried and snapped his white clip. Many thanks
  9. Philips blue vision

    many thanks appreciate that if you would
  10. Philips blue vision

    I noticed you guys talking about lights etc i've just recieved my philips bluevision bulbs but would like to know how hard they are to change. Got quoted at my local ford dealers to change bulbs £20 per bulb. Thats insane
  11. owners manual

    Nice one mate ,Many thanks
  12. owners manual

    Had my fiesta titanium over a year now, But cannot find my owners manual anywhere willing to pay for one but not £14 that my local garage wants, also what are the sizes of bulbs i need for front of fiesta excluding indicator, thinking of changing to philips blue vision, many thanks and new year to all
  13. New Fiesta (alarm)

    many thanks worked fine but with it being keyless had to have someone hold key fob outside
  14. New Fiesta (alarm)

    How do i know whether the alarm works or not and is there anyway of checking (fiesta titanium) Many thanks
  15. New Fiesta

    The drive is better than i expected. It feels like a focus a medium size family car the ride is great and smooth and comfortable. The steering is precise. I have a 1.4 petrol lacks abit of power in 1st starting off but then once into 2nd i can feel the power kicking in. But the road handiling is great. Comfortable inside only drawback is the rear seating abit tight but mine is a 3 door. All the extra's that come with the titanium are really good and clever.