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  1. Focus Zetec Uncomfortable Seats

    I've tried the lumbar support and that just makes it worse. I've tried lots of combinations of angle, height, reach but still get this feeling of something pushing into my lower back. Haven't been a passenger yet, but the seat shape looks the same. Perhaps if i had gone for the Style rather than the Zetec, it would have been different - shame as it's a nice car to drive in all other respects.
  2. I've recently bought a brand new Focus Zetec 1.6 (not the new model) and am wondering if I've made a huge mistake because I just cannot get comfortable in the driver's seat. I am 6 ft tall and there seems to be a bulge near the bottom of the seatback that is too high for the small of my back, but too low for any lumbar support - it just sticks into my lower back and feels really uncomfortable from about 5 minutes into any journey. I did a lengthy test drive in a second hand Focus (not sure if it was a Zetec) and had no problem with the seat and had no problems with my previous Mondeo LX which I owned for 8 years. Is it just me, is there anything I can do about it?