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  1. No Autoplay While Indexing Problem?

    Pull the fuse for the Head Unit? Were is that located ? Thanks
  2. Im trying to connect an ipod touch 32G .(have a 62 plate focus titanium)the ipod worked ok for the first 2 weeks ive had the car now it says " Cant autoplay indexing and will not see the ipod touch" any fix before i go back the dealer? Also have tried using a USB stick with Mp3 on it directly plugged into the USB in the centre under armrest..Doesnt recognise the USB stick either. Seems weird after it working perfect for 2 weeks then nothing via th USB ipod or usb stick? Any ideas Thanks
  3. Sync Issues - 13 Plate

    Sorry to thread jump but to save me starting a new thread im having same problems. However im trying to connect an ipod touch 32G .(have a 62 plate focus titanium)the ipod worked ok for the first 2 weeks ive had the car now it says " Cant autoplay indexing and will not see the ipod touch" any fix before i go back the dealer? Thanks ( Ans soz for the thread jump but seems we have same problem) Just tried another lead also and still says no autoplay indexing??
  4. Wheel Choice On Titanium Focus 62 Plate?

    Food for thought i must admit.. Fancy a remap i must say as for all the other stuff like blanking the egr valve thats a little beyond my scope of knowledge. To do all the above with labour were would you recommend to carry this work out? As the missus will be using th car as well im not wanting to make the driving for her harder by decreasing the lock on the car so may opt for the 17" Zetec app pack wheels.(Would like the Tit X17" wheels but the dealer wont give me that option) Need to look at wheels again tomorrow at the dealership and have a think still not 100%
  5. Wheel Choice On Titanium Focus 62 Plate?

    How much would a remap cost and what kind of mpg and bhp would it give? Also is a steering limiter a must ,and is this a question I should be asking of the dealer? Were would the wheels be rubbing ,don't the bigger alloys have lower profile tyres? Making me a bi unsure of the 18s now if it means all his adjustment . Don want to ruin the ride of the car?
  6. Wheel Choice On Titanium Focus 62 Plate?

    It's the 1.6 duraatorq tdci 115 bhp. Wouldn't a remap invalidate the warranty ?
  7. Wheel Choice On Titanium Focus 62 Plate?

    So the 18s will go on the car with no problems? Dealer did say he would have to get the car re calibrated due to going from 16s to 17 or 18s is this correct ? Must admit I am hedging towards the 18s . Need to inspect rubber on them prior to them going on as I'm presuming 2 new 18s rubber will be approx 300/400 fitted . I don't like driving on budget rubber. Cheers for the quick reply Paul
  8. Hi all After some advice I've just bought 62 plate focus titanium with app pack and city pack. This gives me all I need spec wise. However the standard wheels 16" on the car really put me off. So the dealer has given me 2 options to complete the deal. 17" zetec app pack alloys or 18" 5 spoke titanium upgrade option? What are best for the car? By the way 17s have Bridgestone Turanza rubber 18s conti sport. Car comes in 10 days. It's a ford direct car with 8k on it. Thanks Paul
  9. Ford Emails Of Mds

    Dya know i will post it when ive sent it...its 4 pages long and spans a month of interaction.. Seems no ones ever complained to Ford.. Anyone?
  10. Hi can anyone provide me with some proper emails for Peoples Ford UK Managers specifically Liverpool and Merseyside areas. Im after these as i have a email of complaint i want to send and i feel so strong about it , I would like to have acess to as many importnat people that work for Ford. I have found a man called Nigel Sharp whos seems to be the head honcho so he,s first on my list but need more.. Thanks
  11. Window Tinting On A Focus

    Ok its been a while but heres latest news.. Car came back for the 3rd time after the tint and yes the tint was ok this time as in the shade of it. But and its a big but on the back windscreen was a 4" Sq scratch patch (again will show in photo) were i think the fitter has tried to get rid of bubbles..Quite a shocking effort i may add.. I asked the salesman and manager to come out and view the car... They both assured me that they themselves and the valaters had checked the car and hadnt noticed this patch.. But when i pointed it out they both admitted it wasnt acceptable.. As you could gather i wasnt happy at all.. Due to me and misssus going away for week i told bloke he could contact us today and discuss the problem further. They have now offered because of all the problems i have had to use a donar car same spec with factory glass in their lot and fit the factory tinted glass to our car.. This is going to be done on tues next week.. This is best result i could of hoped for really as im not sure what it would of cost to get factory glass done... So Hopefully by next tues the car will be done 100% with factory tinted glass.... fingers crossed Im going to ask for some kind of other apology in the way of valet or some fuel as well(or do you think thats a bit cheeky)
  12. Window Tinting On A Focus

    Cars going back for a week to get all things done . It seems the tint they put on was the 5% limo option which when compared to the cars from factory and other cars that had been film tinted on the lot is a way darker.. The option and what i asked for in the first place is now being done is 20% which is lot closer to the way all the cars i have looked at are. I was never happy with the valet they said was done anyway and thats being done also.. Have give me car for week while all the work is done.. I have stressed to the manager that if it comes back wrong in any way i will activate the 30day no quibble option. He agreed to this and couldnt apologise enough .. Did say he would throw in full tank of diesel , so suppose all i can do is wait for the car to come back next friday.. Funny thing is they admitted the boss of tinting firm was on holiday and that their own valeters were being replaced this week. Quite ironic and a large admission of guilt .. Fingers crossed all is good next thurs/fri.. :) Thanks for all info guys the salesman still wouldnt admit that the factory glass didnt have a layer of film on it, and he,s selling the cars.
  13. Window Tinting On A Focus

    Ok now its getting really bad , Car came back after a so called re application of the tint and suprise suprise they have tried to get the bubbles out and have not suceeded. Now it looks even worse they have also caused slight abrasions to rear drivers side glass.. Im going back tonight for a one to one with sales manager and salesman. Asked over the phone if i could activate the 30 day no quibble exchange ..they said i cannot because "I" have modded the car... Im not best pleased ..Also car came back from sub contractor with dirty mats and lots of debris in rear of car... Really thinking of giving car back getting my money and waiting for car that the glass has been factory fitted..As i think the salesman has told some white lies to me..
  14. New Focus Ipod Cable

    £4 deliv Ebay.... Works perfect. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/USB-car-Audio-AUX-Data-Charger-Cable-iPod-iPhone-4-/290542345328?pt=UK_MP3_Player_Accessories&hash=item43a5ac5c70#ht_2256wt_1009
  15. Window Tinting On A Focus

    As you say Merlin the tint on the ford is slightly more see through i noticed this today when comparing mine next to another titanium..(ford factory) Now im still a bit unsure as shawty1984 is saying the glass is tinted ie no film..yet what john H says seems to be what im getting told at my dealership the cars go to local trader to complete the work.(obviously the one they used was pretty poor or was having a bad day). The tints i was offered were full black (the one thats on now )thats the darkest you can go so the bloke told me, or one slightly lighter which has a somewhat bluetint to it,which i think would look stupid on the car.. Cars going away wednesday to be re done just had the call... Think the black thats on now is ok just needs to be bubble free... Will post some piccys when my cameras charged. Also bloke said dont wash car or use windows for a week for the film to take properly is that correct? thanks Paul