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  1. Fuel gauge

    Thanks for that - which fuse is it. I cant seem to work out which one. Is it labelled in some way? Thanks
  2. Window Winder removal

    Problem solved - thanks for suggestions.
  3. Fuel gauge

    I have a 1994 Mark 3 Fiesta. It was recently stolen and damaged. One thing we can't seem to solve atm is that the fuel gauge appears not to work and shows no fuel. Is there a sensor for this that is under the car and may have been damaged or knocked off as it was raced on grass when stolen. Any solutions welcome. Thanks
  4. Window Winder removal

    We need to replace the drivers window in my MK3 Fiesta. Managed to remove all screws and fittings from door panel but the window winder is proving impossible to get off. There seems no visible way of loosening it. Has anyone else had this problem - all suggestions welcome. We want to replace the broken window before it starts pouring with rain again! Thanks