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  1. Is up on a sat not feeling work today

  2. Its only !Removed! Friday

  3. Feeling an afternoon nap coming on

  4. One word shattered

  5. An early start in the morn at least I should Finnish early skips ahoy

  6. Some wierdos in Wednesfield

  7. Not looking forward to riding to work

  8. Afternoon naps kick !Removed!

  9. After an hour we will have a think !Removed! messers

  10. Happy st George's day

  11. Is only doing the !Removed! skips get in my son

  12. Chillin on the new sofa

  13. Not feeling today at all!!!!!!!!

  14. Power naps are ace

  15. Doing the same thing I was an hour ago can u guess

  16. Half way there

  17. Banging weather who wants to work when it's like this wish I lived by the sea on the beach for 3

  18. These early mornings don't get any easier

  19. Catching up on the walking dead 6 eps to watch

  20. Fckd after a day like today!!!!!!

  21. Broke down !Removed! trucks

  22. Has put the monster tent up in the back garden really wanna go camping now

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