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  1. Hai All!

    Hi everyone My names Shaun, and i have recently just picked up my new focus 1.8 TDCI sport :D My focus replaced my fez and so far im absolutely lovin it! Glad to be here, hope to speak to more of you soon!
  2. Aux In My Focus

    Hi all, just wondering if you could help me, iv recently bought a ford focus 1.8 TDCI sport which replaced my mk6 fez. Iv noticed there is an AUX button on my standard stereo, but cant find no AUX socket? maybe its an extra that i didnt have as im not sure. Cheers in advance for the help
  3. PS3 or Xbox?

    especially now with the release of kinect
  4. PS3 or Xbox?

    got them both.. xbox all the way!
  5. Anyone Else Find This Funny?

  6. Opinions Please,

    very smart and tidy
  7. Decisions

    my mate has just bought a sportex exhaust system sounds nice and not too loud!
  8. Clamping Question?

    best way is to seek legal advice
  9. Update Of My Zetec S (Pics)

    very nice car! best colour by far!
  10. Upgrading Audio System

    not hard to do at all, plenty of guides on the net, try google :D
  11. Windscreen Washer Wont Work Have Tried Everything

    could be your fuse, i had the same problem on my fez
  12. Tdci

    professionally, yes you can get it done, but i imagine it would cost quite abit, go for a re-map :)
  13. Need Help With Aux

    same prob with mine, got the AUX button but instead cant see no jack :D
  14. Focus Front Grill

    yup direct swap matey!
  15. New Fiesta Titanium Ordered!

    great choice of car!
  16. Diamondbright

    I was thinking about having diamondbrite done myself.. taking into consideration the price, and the joy of washing and waxing my own car, i thought it was a waste of money and time.
  17. Focus Wiper Blades

    £41? .... ouch..
  18. Fiesta Zetec S - Questions.. Helppppp

    one of the best looking cars on the roads IMO, tbf it would probably be cheaper doing it yourself anyway, if you know what your doing :)
  19. The New Ford Focus.

    Sexy car IMO :) features are amazing!