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  1. Hi m1tch. I have been toying with taking the car for a Terraclean after its service. The engine however is otherwise quite responsive which is why I don't think it's the injectors (I know the injectors can be an issue on this engine, but I haven't suffered any of the other various 'symptoms' that people often quote). Fuel filter was done last year - I usually go over the top and have it replaced every 2nd year year rather than every 3rd. That as my thinking - basically the accelerator pedal is just a potentiometer, and perhaps the top end of it is either worn or dirty or something. The garage I'm taking it to for it's service next week is a Bosch approved service centre. They claim they can do a diagnostic to check this out, but I admit I'm very skeptical that this will find anything.
  2. Morning All Looking for opinions/advice My Mk7 Fiesta 1.4 TDCi Titanium (60 plate) is about to turn 7 years old, and will be going in for it's annual service and MOT next week. The car is just shy of 72k miles, and, in general, is still running great (most dependable car I've ever owned!). One thing I have noticed though over the past year is that on low throttle application at low speeds (say 4th gear, 30mph when going down a slight slope where minimal throttle is required), the car can be a bit lumpy (unsmooth - like a judder feeling). If I sit with the car in neutral, and rev the engine, it revs sweetly - no issue. If I apply just a tiny bit of throttle however - say the first 5mm travel on the accelerator pedal to bring the revs above idle to about 1000 - 1200rpm - the revs will jump about erratically. Apply a little bit more throttle, just beyond the initial bite, and it's back to being smooth. Is this likely to be my accelerator pedal itself that is getting worn at the initial biting point, or could it be something else? Best regards Stuart
  3. Mk7 Creaking Boot.....?

    Hi all, My Fiesta is doing this too. Only bought it a week ago (its 6 months old) and noticed it particularly today. Found this thread and thought I'd try winding some insulating tape around the catch (the 'loop' bit at the bottom). Just took it for a spin round the block and the problem seems to be solved. Should be an ok temp fix for now, but I'm going to try taking it back to the dealer at some point to be properly fixed. I don't mind wrapping tape around bits on a 10 year old car, but not a 6 month old car LOL
  4. Fiesta Titanium 1.4Tdci

    Hi cyb, Thanks for the reply. I'm willing to admit I probably had over the top expectations, especially after reading the fuel economy poll thread. Ford, I think, have also exaggerated just a tad as well LOL. Normally when I am doing motorway driving I am very 'sedate' and just do a constant 70 - I like to relax on a long journey :) Even with my Focus ST I was the same (and as a result would be regularly overtaken by just about everything haha). I found on my drive back from Warrington just there (220 miles), this time without the cruise control, it did 53mpg again. To be fair on it this time, I did use the air con for a bit too. Surprisingly, what I have found since I got back, is after doing some stop-start driving and general road driving, the fuel economy has now reached 54mpg. I'm beginning to think the 1.4 diesel likes the whole urban/sub-urban/back-road driving, especially if you pay attention to the shift indicator. Certainly, I have noticed it is geared a good bit lower than the 1.6 diesel (if the Ford Focus 1.6TDci estate pool car I drove the other day is anything to go by) - 2600rpm @ 70mph vs 2100rpm @ 70mph. Anyways, getting a bit geeky and nerdy with this now. As of today, I've now owned the car a week and its fantastic. Need to give it its first wash B) Won't me much longer now before I will have forgotton I ever owned a Focus ST Cheers Stuart
  5. Fiesta Titanium 1.4Tdci

    Thanks for the link 2011Fiesta.
  6. Fiesta Titanium 1.4Tdci

    Thanks Scott, A lot of the stuff you said I deffinitely did. Wasn't driving with the climate control on. The tyres are definitely at the correct pressure (I checked that the moment I got it home as I suspected the Ford Garage wouldn't have bothered, especially as someones elses phone was still sync'd to the Bluetooth and the washer jets scooched the water onto the roof rather than the screen haha). As I say this 'test run' was a drive down the M74 and M6, almost constantly at 70 (cruise control), with just myself in the car. I just expected it to get about 60mpg easy. Might see if there is a difference with the cruise ocntrol off on the way home and using my own foot.
  7. Hi All

    Hi everyone :D
  8. Hi all, I just completed my first long motorway journey in my newly aquired Fiesta Titanium 1.4TDci - Glasgow to Warrington, about 220 miles. I was quite dissapointed to see that even with using the cruise control set to a well behaved 70mph all the way, I only achieved 53mpg. Does this sound right? The car has only done just over 4000miles, so does it perhaps need a few more thousand to wear it in? I have driven other diesels in the past, some examples being a Peugeot 307 1.6HDi (same family of engine) and a Honda Civic 2.2CTDi and got 64mpg and 55mpg respectively from them on a similar run, despite their extra weight and power. What has everyone else being achieving? Best regards Stuart
  9. Hi All

    Hi All, Just this moment signed up to the forum. After 3 years of being away from my Fiesta Zetec, having fun driving a Ford Focus ST, I have returned to owning a prestigeous Ford Fiesta. Just got myself a 6 month old Titanium 1.4TDci (needless to say not quite as punchy as the 2.5 Turbo in the ST), and so far generally quite pleased. Best regards Stuart