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  1. Bluetooth Install Guide?

    I installed my USB module and now USB/Bluetooth audio works :) As expected, the voice control does not work but this is going to be fixed at a later point in time Thanks for your support!
  2. Bluetooth Install Guide?

    Thank you for the replies, guys! Well, the local Ford dealer is famous with not having a clue about the cars they sell but I though that they should at least have the documentation on what Ford parts are capable of. The module I bought has the standard miniUSB port and I will go with the cheap cable :) I got the module from ebay and the seller wrote that it has been taken from a 2010 Fiesta. As I obviously cannot trust the dealer, I am going to change the module myself. Do I need to disconnect the battery as a precaution measure first? If yes, is there any routine on connecting the battery back? I read different opinions on the internet varying from "do nothing" to "you need to restore ECU settings with proper cable and software"
  3. Bluetooth Install Guide?

    Hi guys, Greetings from Bulgaria! I have been reading the thread with great interest as I am missing the USB feature so much. My headunit complies with the requirements from the jamesm182's guide: - Already have the bluetooth/VC working - The firmware version is 5.3.3 The car is a 2011 Focus 2.5 @jamesm182: This is a great guide! I have bought a bluetooth voice connectivity USB module (8M5T-19C112-AN) and went to the local Ford dealer to install it. They told me that it would probably not work. According to them, in order the headunit to be able to work with USB, besides having a proper module, the USB option should appear when you press the "CD/AUX" button. Currently the "CD/AUX" button on my unit switches between CD and AuxIn but the USB option is missing. Therefore (according to them) the headunit would not know how to work with USB sticks even though the black box module supports it. Anyway, I want to give the module a try. I would like to ask the guys who already made the USB running whether the USB option used to appear on the unit screen prior installing the new module. Thank you!