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  1. Leaking Boot

    No :(
  2. Leaking Boot

    Hi Checked the boot this morning to find an inch of water in the spare wheel holder, can't find where the leak has come from. Have checked the rubbers and they feel dry, any ideas??? Many thanks
  3. Stop/start Problem

    Dave, thanks for your reply The day I realised this it was raining, therefore I had lights, windscreen wipers and radio on so seems to make sense using to must electirc elsewhere. Tried it again today (dry weather) with no windscreen wipers and lights on and it worked perfectly. Thanks once again
  4. Hello once again My Ka (2011) has an issue with its stop/startsystem. Most of the time it works perfectly, however from time to time when I am using it, it restarts on its own without me touch the clutch or anything. Has anybody else had this problems and more importantly how do I stop it ???? Many Thanks
  5. Morning The front windscreen blowers on my 2005 cmax are not very powerful and not clearing the windscreen. There in no noticable difference between setting 2 and 4. Any ideas please Thanks
  6. Mpg Computer

    Hi all Took my KA mk2 on motorway for 1st time today (live on IOW) and covered about 100 miles. Was expecting the MPG to increase but computer hasn't changed from 51.6. How accurate is the computer??? and has anybody else found this problem Many Thanks
  7. Hi Everybody

    Hello to everyone. Currently drive a Mondeo (54 Reg) Diesel estate but am awaiting delivery of a New Ford KA petrol in the next week or so. The wife currently drive C Max (55 Reg) Diesel. Live on the Isle of Wight anyother Caulkheads out there ?????? :)