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  1. My New Fiesta!

    It looks epic, absolutely awesome.
  2. Gap Insurance

    It definitely all depends on the insurance company. Im recently went down this same route as you are. I'm also with Direct Line and they class the Fiesta dress kit as a modification. So time to look elsewhere...... I found two company's that didn't class the kit as a mod. They were Aviva and LV. LV were in paticular very helpful. If you go to their website interactive FAQ and type in modifications it tells you that anything factory fitted is not a mod. I even rang them to clarify this and it was correct.
  3. Titanium Full Dress Kit Question

    I'm very old matey (37)..... lol. Been reading into this.... it's all down to the insurance company and what they class as a modification. LV's website says they don't class factory fitted as modifications so I will call them tomorrow.
  4. Titanium Full Dress Kit Question

    Thanks for the reply. I'm pretty certain it was declared as an optional extra kit. Does £270 extra sound too much?
  5. Hi all, New to the forum and have a question that has probably got a very simple answer. I have got an option to buy a Titanium with the full dress kit (Side skirts, spoiler, front & rear bumper mod) that was factory fitted from new. Will I have to declare this kit to my insurance company as it's a bodykit of sorts but a very basic/small one?!?! I've been on to Direct Line who said I had to declare it and it has added an extra £270 to the quote!! The Ford dealer told me that it didn't add to insurance as it was factory fitted and made from new.... I suspect he was spinning me a line though to get the sale. Any experts out there have an opinion? Thanks.