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  1. Wind Deflectors To Fit Mk5 Fiesta 2000 ?

    will buy them soon and see how i get on :)
  2. Wind Deflectors To Fit Mk5 Fiesta 2000 ?

    they must fit cos in the what it fits part its got fiesta 1995-2002 ???
  3. Wind Deflectors To Fit Mk5 Fiesta 2000 ?

    its a v plate early 2000 :) think the ones i linked will fit tbh
  4. Wind Deflectors To Fit Mk5 Fiesta 2000 ?

    haha so there aint haha thought it was there http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-piece-Front-Rear-Wind-Deflectors-fits-Ford-Fiesta-96-To-00-5-Door-Hatchback-/230777678736?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Model%3AFiesta%7CPlat_Gen%3AMK+IV&hash=item35bb6beb90
  5. hi looking to buy these but want to ask are they the right ones for my mk5 fiesta 5 door ? thanks :)
  6. How Much Are They Worth ?

    Anyone after a set of fiesta mk7 5 door mudflaps or wind deflectors reply or pm me with a offer and i can get pics when removed :)
  7. How Much Are They Worth ?

    I payed £60 for my set of 4 so after as close to £45 I want £30 for the deflectors as there a 4pc set with clips and also got a spare passanger front deflector to be given in the sale :) All only a few months old
  8. How Much Are They Worth ?

    Wont fit a metal mate only mk7s without the body kit
  9. How Much Are They Worth ?

    pics of the deflectors ? will try get pics :)
  10. How Much Are They Worth ?

    hi got a full set of mudflaps and a set of team heko wind deflectors full 4pc set to sell off my mk7 fiesta . how much are they worth ? no idea of what to sell for i was thinking £45 for the mudflaps and £30 for the deflectors ? is the ok ? thanks.
  11. Hi i fitted mudflaps to my car and removed these clips breaking them when removing them . Now i want to remove them but i now have no clips so how much will these cost me if u know what i mean ? Thanks :)
  12. Wind Deflector Price ?

    Hi im selling mines but i dont know how much there worth i paid £40 at the start of june so how much much could i sell for ? Its a 5 door set with spare passanger side front one . Thanks
  13. Which Lights Are Better?

    will do it soon :) just dont want bulbs that are less bright than what i have so either these or blue visions will be best tbh.
  14. Which Lights Are Better?

    they look brighter than the stock bulbs so will defo think of getting a set if there as bright as what i have now but white i will be happy :)
  15. Which Lights Are Better?

    so in a way there brighter but not bright enough that you dont need the full beam ? as long as there not less bright then i might get some as these are £14 and blue visions are £23