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  1. Myself not too many really. 1) Nissan Sunny (Cant remember reg) 2) Rover Vplas 1.6i (rust Bucket)1984 3) Seat Ibiza (system Porsche) Scary bone shaker 1985 4) Citreon ZX 1995 5) Fiat Brava 1998 6) Focus Mk1.5 Zetec 2002 7) Astra 1.8 Design 2006 8) Focus Mk2.5 Titanium 2010 9) Focus Mk3 Titanium X 2012 10) Focus Mk3.5 Titanium X (Current)2015 Wifey 1)Corsa 2)Rover 414 3)Escort 1.8TD 4)Peugoet 206 2002 5)Nissan Micra 2006 6)Fiesta Zetec 2011 7)Renault Clio IV (Current)2015
  2. This is the version I had in my Mk2.5 2010 Titanium http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-NAVIGATION-SD-CARD-SAT-NAV-MAP-GENUINE-EUROPE-UK-2010-FX-LSRNS-KUGA-MONDEO-/262076531743?hash=item3d04fa841f http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FX-LS-RNS-navigation-sd-card-genuine-sat-NAV-MAP-Version-2010-navi-/201431657531?hash=item2ee6432c3b There is a 2011 version but i'm not 100% that it works http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-FORD-SAT-NAV-NAVIGATION-SD-CARD-2011-WESTERN-EUROPE-FOCUS-MODEO-/301757685359?hash=item464228de6f
  3. On my old Mk3, 1.6 Ecoboost, I had a whistle sound approx. 2 - 2.5 RPM , Ford could not find it, I have seen a few similar issues, it has gone down as a resonance vibration sound. It never caused me any problems at all, Ford (Dealer) even added it to my file stating that if there was a problem they would honour any fix out of warranty.
  4. I have Heko, on my Focus , and they not only look great I have no issues with global closing.
  5. Solder an ATX power socket (maplins)male/female inline so you can remove the OBD port, or place switches on Hi / Low Can and +12v wires back under dash. Unfortunately the wiring is not long enough to just hide. Must be handy with a soldering iron.
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/download/mtyn7jm0qr8qels/DllPack.zip
  7. Cudger No I painted them very easy £15 kit off eBay Took about 2 hours mostly because of removing the wheels.
  8. Unusual that there is no 12v Aux, someone must have removed it, is it blanked off or is there a hole there.
  9. Do you know anyone who can wire you a direct feed from the fuse box? All mk2 should have a 12v aux socket, do you have an armrest?, usually its by the handbrake
  10. Alex, MPG on the 1.5 is better than the 1.6, I got as low as 28 mpg on the 1.6, seemed very thirsty, i'm only at 1200 miles so far so I guess it could still get better :)
  11. Woo hoo Alex that means it built, not long to wait now☺
  12. CUDGEL mpg is running a 34.6 at the moment but that was due to some long trips and a reset. As the engine is now run in. My heavy foot is bring it down haha
  13. Sync came out in 2012 I believe, depends if the car is before or after, etis will tell you if it has sync.
  14. As rank121 says, unless you have sync, then you have to record your voice and number, to voice dial a name, you can however voice dial a number. Sync has the additional feature of matching a voice name to your phone book.
  15. Transfer or apply a cherished plate takes about 3 minutes online and is very simple, £80 one off fee . You get the cert number via email and then via post if you retain it.
  16. I will load all my pics when i get back off holiday at the weekend
  17. Phew what a tiring day, managed to meet a few people, now im shattered.
  18. Looks Great Foci, I bet you wish you had done it sooner, Ford should of added it as a Pack, they would have had more people take it.
  19. My Stop/Start history :) Mk3 Focus brought when a few months old 2012, Stop/Start worked once !!! the entire time I had it haha. Brand New Mk3.5 Focus, never ever fails to work !, to the point where I switch the damn thing off or make sure I stay in gear, This week though I had Fan speed on high, it did not work, I reduced fan speed to speed 2 and the engine switched off. But I know that in a few months time, with my short trips to work and back the battery will become low like my other Mk3, and i'm sure it will stop all together. So, perhaps your battery has reached a condition where its peak performance has passed, and this is the probable reason its intermittent
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