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  1. My New Car :) Facelift Fiesta

    Lol I don't mind I think it looks awesome :P
  2. My New Car :) Facelift Fiesta

    Haha the front grill reminds me of an Aston Martin
  3. My New Car :) Facelift Fiesta

    Hi all sorry for the late image! Picked it up last Friday and I am loving it :) Speakers are really good, bluetooth works well. One very happy chap!
  4. My New Car :) Facelift Fiesta

    I can't wait :D I've gone for the naturally aspired engine, didn't really need the ecoboost to be honest! Ahhh nice, I'd have loved to get an ST but there is literally no point in me having one lol I bet you can't wait to get your hands on that :P
  5. My New Car :) Facelift Fiesta

    That one isn't the exact model, its the same as the above except it is 3 door :) Went from the 1.6 to the 1.25 because I literally live 5 mins away from work now, and the 1.6 was too expensive to warrant the miles I was doing :(
  6. My New Car :) Facelift Fiesta

  7. My New Car :) Facelift Fiesta

    Panther Black, Zetec 1.25 Petrol, Ford SYNC & Bluetooth and I collect this Friday! :D Only bad point is that I now have 4 days left with my Panther Black Zetec S :(
  8. What A Car!

    Lmao I have actually been driving all day! I'm so pleased with the car. I would definitely recommend one :) Got my mpg to around 37 - 38 and that's with me ragging it a bit!
  9. What A Car!

    Ford have offered me a service plan at £20.00 a month which I'll probably take out. Everything paid for, service, parts, labour etc. Worth it guys?
  10. What A Car!

    It depends on how far back you sit, I reckon there is enough room however I wouldn't want to be in the back of the car for too long! I'm just over 6ft :)
  11. What A Car!

    I am super excited! Haha :) I've driven it just about everywhere already and I want more! :P I love it, so much better than my previous 1.2 Corsa! I can't believe the difference in power! :D
  12. What A Car!

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us There we go :D
  13. What A Car!

    I have a picture but I don't know how to upload it to this forum aha.
  14. What A Car!

    Wow, what a fantastic car! I am in love! It absolutely wipes the floor with the ol' 1.2 Corsa I used to have hahaha! Fantastic :) Got the 1.6 TI-VCT Petrol version. Extremely pleased new Ford owner right here! ^^
  15. Can I Add The Bluetooth Option To My Fiesta At My Dealership?

    Thanks for the reply :) Yeah the only thing that makes me wonder if they can is because they'll have to change the computer above my stereo and also the left indicator so it has a button for the voice control. Its probably not do-able :( I'll just have to save and get Ford to fit the Pioneer speakers :(