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  1. Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Starting Problem

    my uncles old diesel astra used to do it and it was a doddy starter motor think it was the brushes on theyer way out
  2. Mk5 Fiesta With Multiple Problems

    hi mate 2 me it sounds like the heater control valve best thing to do is replace it my heater is the same it works when it wants 2 also have you got a engine temerature gauge on it f so check the temperarture and if it doesnt reach a good temp on the gauge after a run its the thermostat hope that helps :D
  3. Mk3 Fiesta Running Problem

    have you checked all the plugs and leads to see if they are fireing if not its coil pack give it a good run fill the tank and use some redx make sure all pipes are free and are not blocked
  4. thank you how do u get the pic of your car to come up in the about you section of ur profile and it then shows it on every commment u put??
  5. hey guys/gurls i have a fiesta mk5 1.3 finesse and i think i need rear axle bushes replacing what is the signs of it and also is it easyer to replace the whole axel or the bushes cheers dan
  6. hey guys and gurls im new to this site well new and old as i created an account and have never used it rely lol need to no if there is another programme except the TIS cheers :D
  7. Ford Fiesta Duratec 1.3

    it sounds like the coil pack and to stop the car being damaged its gone into limp mode but i didnt even think it had a limp mode i own one and mine is stuttering but i know it needs new coil pack plugs and leads also a good service thanks dan
  8. Performance Mods?

    hi i have a mk5 1.3 5door and got a chip but aint sure where it connects is it in the air box or behind the thottle body i want to install asap please help thanks dan

    hey mate ur car is a mk4 the best oil to use is 5 /30 i have a base model i have the finesse and myn has nothing on it lol i dont no anything bout the electics best thing to do is ask for themselfs i will try and find out as my uncle works there and get back to u.
  10. rear wiper problems

    hey mate i have same problem with myn wen i drive down the road myn comes on what it is is the metal connections on bootlid and on boot slam panel rub all the crap off that i cn normally get it to work after a while put the wiper power on and go and bounce the boot it should move n.