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  1. Hi, Any solutions to following issue would be appreciated. 3dr finesse on '03 plate. Not remote central locking or anything useful like that but at present time if I lock from drivers side door external lock the passenger one doesn't lock. If I push the drivers side opener inwards on the door inside the car both lock from the drivers side. If I lock from outside on passenger sides, both doors lock. Am I looking for a bad wire, a missing clip or a dodgy drivers lock? If it's the first one it'll cost me as I'll be off to auto electrician as electrickery is a magical mystery to me. I can probably tackle the other options..........unless there's a fourth option in which case I'll have to decide! All suggestions (relevant to the issue) welcomed! thx
  2. mg-tart

    Clutch - Urgent

    Hi, Had this happen to daughters car 2 weeks ago 5 times in space of 2 miles on a '54 plate finesse. The earlier '03 plate fiesta she used to have and I now use has a split pin through the pin that the slave rod attaches to. Seems the later one has no visible means of retaining the pin and any sideways movement on the clutch pedal makes it pop off. Get in there with a 3 mm drill bit and drill a hole through the pin and stick a split pin or even a hair-pin through and jobs a good-un ! If you don't fancy drilling it then file 2 ridges either side of the pin and find a suitable circlip to stick on it (or a clip-cap, I suppose would work) Seems like a stupid omission to me. Typical graduate engineer idea I suppose ! Cheers
  3. mg-tart

    Mk 6 Duratec 1.25 - Water Ingress

    Think I've found the culprit. Not washer jets as it wasn't raining and I didn't use them or wash the car. Dried the plug holes out and filled up the header tanlk again and it leaked straight through to the plugs. Looks like it's the core plugs at the top of the engine casting. Apparently it's a common fault on duratechs. Thanks
  4. Hi, just picked up a fiesta 2004 1.25. Noticed the rad header was low so topped it up. Next time I start the car there is a misfire and having taken off the engine cover/airbox, I find the spark plugs are swimming with water. Assume the two issues are connected. Am I looking at a split hose or a popped head gasket? Any ideas would be appreciated. Haven't taken the cam covers off as I don't want to get too far into the engine dismantling scenario. ~Cheers andy
  5. Hello chaps and chappesses, Have an '03 plate Fiesta Finesse. The speedo has recently take to napping while I am driving along which is a bit inconvenient near those yellow box things on poles on the side of the road. This has also now stated to affect the mileage readout and the clock which reverts to 4 little black lines at the bottom of the display. I'm a bit confused (but fascinated) by electrickery and have 11 thumbs so if you beleive it is an easy fix please advise as I also have an eager set of screwdrivers and pliers!! I ususally deal with these sort of problems on my MG by replacing the cable or the speedo unit complete but being as there's an age difference of 30 years between the two cars, my guess is things have moved on and got more tricky! Appreciate your help. Cheers andy
  6. mg-tart

    4500 Radio Code

    Bump ? - help etc
  7. mg-tart

    4500 Radio Code

    Evening chaps and chappesses. Wondered if anyone could help me with a radio code for a rds 4500 E-O-N - serial number is M001300. (that was a tinker to get hold of in itself!) It will help me to drown out the awful rattling coming from the front passenger seat.....which coincidentally only happens when my wife is in the car!!!! Thanks in advance. Cheers andy
  8. mg-tart

    Mk 5 Fiesta Heating Issue

    Thanks for the reply chaps. I toyed with the £44 ford part compared to the supposed OE equivalent £17 part and went cheap (or Cheep, whichwever way u look at it!!) I suppose when you factor in time and antifreeze it's no different but , hey! Thanks for the info on the voltage check. Will try this. The basic problem seems to be no way of shutting off heat to the inside of the car. If we close the vents the dash gets close to melting point and some of the air will inevitably seep thru into the cabin. The fan unit is on "0" all the time as using it would melt us. It does suggest the HCV but will check out the voltage aspect if I can fathom I said, it's a magical mystery this elecktrickery stuff. (how does it get to earth in a car when I've got rubber tyres??) (Will have a tinker this weekend....well probably today actually - don't have anything else planned ........... (sits back and waits for the royalist backlash!) Cheers
  9. mg-tart

    Mk 5 Fiesta Heating Issue

    Hi, thanks for the input but doesn't that just apply with the fan turned on? Haven't touched the fan unit and just have all the vents closed to try to stifle the heat coming through as much as possible. Other threads on here have said about the resistor pack but I think that just refers to the fan running only on the number 4 setting (something to do with the restiction of electrickery on settings 1,2 & 3.....can they really do that??) I think I'll chance my arm (wallet contents) on another HCV and see if that does the trick. thanks Andy
  10. mg-tart

    Mk 5 Fiesta Heating Issue

    Hi all, daughter's Mk 5 fiesta 1.3 flight. Had an issue with the heating cooling whereby there was, no heat to the inside of the car and no cooling to the engine. Daughter became adept at turning off the engine when the temp light came on and then starting up to drive off again. Traffic queues were.....Interesting and avoided! - she did quite well considering she'd only passed her test 3 weeks before. Managed to fix that with a new heater control valve. Water flow restored. Cooling working - no overheating. (swapped the engine fan too as it appeared liefeless) seemed like we avoided the head gasket issue too - this was 5 months ago Now we have a different problem. Have kept an eye on the water and seemed fairly ok. topped up a bit as some was leaking from the thermostat housing. but for the last month or so the heater has been running at full pelt and super-heating the dashboard. Even when the dial is turned to cold on the selector the top of the dash was overly hot and the air inside the car gets sickly warm. It's fine running round with the windows open at the moment but not that convenient at times Question - is this just the reverse problem and the heater control valve is stuck permanently open ? ( electrickery is a magical mystery to me so don't know how to check current/resistance in circuits etc) Should I be looking at something else? Is it a problem with the dial control? Any help / suggestions or shared experiences would be welcomed. Cheers andy