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  1. Noticed today that some MK2 focus have indicator side repeators mounted on the side mirrors whilst most, like mine, have them mounted on the wing. Was a certain spec fitted with mirror mounted repeators, a certain age or was it optional. Just intrigued to know the answer!! Thks.
  2. Rear Wiper Swept Area

    I have a MK2 focus 5dr hatch '05 and find that the rear wiper doesn't sweep enough of the rear window. As a result, I find that when looking through the rear view mirror I'm actually looking through the unswept and therefore dirty part of the window at the top (furthest from the motor end of the wiper arm). Does anyone else find this annoying? Is it possible to fit a slightly longer wiper blade so the more of the screen is swept? If so, how long was it? Currently the blade is 14" long. Anything longer than 16" will foul on the motor end of the wiper arm. Is it possible to buy a blade that is longer at one end than the other to overcome this problem? Thks
  3. Towbar Electrics

    Thanks, couldn't find the wire you referred to on the RHS of boot. However, I found that one of the sockets on the LHS had a 12v feed which I used instead. All works fine. Thanks
  4. Towbar Electrics

    Hi, Fitted a detachable tow bar to my Focus 2.0 TDCI (05) at weekend and started with electrics. All wires are are connected except 12v supply to Interface Relay. Question is..... can anyone recommend where I should take the feed from for this? Does it need to be a constant 12v supply or does it need to be switched via the cars ignition switch or does it not matter? I have located a couple of constant 12v supplies on the left side (as you look at the back of the car from outside)of the boot. These wires go into a black multi way plug and socket. Should I tap into one of these using a 'Scotch' connector? PS out of interest, there are 4 or 5 square sockets on the LHS of boot - what are these for? Thanks for any help. Steve