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  1. Ford Puma Locking Wheel Nuts

    Success! I managed with the help of a rather large screw driver to break the metal surrounding the nut. Once this was off it was relatively easy to hammer on a 16mm socket and unscrew the damaged nut. I managed to save myself some pennies by the looks of things. I hope my problem doesn't occur with anyone else. It looked daunting at first! Thanks Jeebowhite for your help and advice.
  2. Oil Leak

    My Puma's getting on a bit now, it's just turned into a teenager and I have now inherited an oil leak! Is there a common with the Puma engine leaking and if so, anywhere in particular? I'm not an engine enthusiast but will attempt to clamber under the car this weekend to locate it's origin, but if anyone can point me in the right direction and let me know what they managed to do to fix the cause it would be beneficial. Thanks to all for your help.
  3. Ford Puma Locking Wheel Nuts

    Thanks for your help. I've never seen anything like these before and they look almost custom made with added protection! Looks like I'll be paying the welder a visit! Cheers again.
  4. Ford Puma Locking Wheel Nuts

    Hope this has helped?
  5. Ford Puma Locking Wheel Nuts

    Thanks for the info. I can't see a way out of this. I thought about using a slightly larger socket but there is this protective metal ring around the nut itself (which is attached loosely behind the nut) and is blocking my ability to put a socket anywhere over the nut. I look forward to receiving any thoughts hopefully after you've managed to see the photo.
  6. Hi, Can anyone help? I need to remove the locking wheel nut from my Puma and do not have the key. I've never seen locking nuts quite like this! Any ideas as to where I can get the relevant tool from, Ford say I need the code but I cannot locate this. I can't get a tool on the nut as there is a ring around it protecting it. Please see piccy and let me know if you have thoughts. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/cQj_3VpNNIJC0xh4fSOMIXRkGKkkFNDIzjV1OJKoR9U?feat=directlink Thanks for your help in advance.