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  1. St2 Time

    Pickin mine up at the weekend! Wanted a red one, but couldn't wait - the dealer found me a white one and I just had to ave it. I had a white old style ST many years ago and cried when it went. I've just got rid of the last speeding points on my licence, hope I can keep them off this time around!
  2. My drivers side footwell on my 05 streetka is absolutely sopping wet - now I know we have some rain(!) but has anyone any ideas? is this a common fault??
  3. Streetka Alarm

    my 05 SK has had the alarm noise disconnected - I know the alarm sensors are working as sometimes when I leave the boot open the flashers go off but here is no sound. we think the audio alarm has been disconnected because I suppose it would drive you nuts keep going off, BUT I want to reconnect it anyway. Has anyone know what you do??
  4. Streetka Driving Me Nuts!!

    Hi Steve nope - my mats are dry - but I think thats becuase the aircon isn't working - Ive a feeling the previous owner has had problems with both the alarm and aircon and has disconnected both!
  5. Streetka Driving Me Nuts!!

    I've had my 05 SK for a month and have no end of problems - this time it's the alarm system - when i lock the car by remote after 60 seconds all the flashers start (but I get NO audible sound) & the battery drains as the flashers won't go off. . if I lock it by using the key it doesn't happen but I suppose the car isn't alarmed this way ?? also, the air con isn't working has anyone any ideas before I take a flipping sledge hammer to it! regards Sue
  6. Streetka Soft Top

    I can't open the rear compartment where the soft top goes - I'm pressing the button (they key is in the correct position) and it's no opening - any ideas? also - is there a way of opening it from inside the boot?
  7. 15" Alloys On A 05 Streeka?

    I've been given a set of practically brand new universal fit alloys from a friend and he's even brought me the spacers so's they can be fitted to my streetka - and they doo loook gooood! B) . Can anyone tell me if this is dangerous? as I read somewhere they can rub against the front brake pipes??
  8. 05 Street Ka With A Squeek

    thanks for your reply Andrew - glad to know it's nothing too major to worry about! ;) Lets see what the local ford garage says when they look at it!! Yr car is great - thats the colour I was looking for but not many around in Hampshire Regards Sue
  9. 05 Street Ka With A Squeek

    Recently purchased a lovely little red Street Ka, like the drive, a bit thirsty and the car tax is STUPID!! I've a Kuga and pay less tax on that. Any how, after a couple of days of having the SK it started squeeking first thing and does it until it's warmed up - sounds like a fan belt'ish type noise. Took it up to Halfords and they guys up there were brill, said nothing to worry about (!) but these cars have a tendancy after approx 50k for the belt tensioners to get worn and so squeek until warned up and told me to lubricate - not sure what to lubriate. Took it to local Ford garage today as the noise is getting on my nerves and they want to have it for a day to strip it down and replace all sorts! Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do? :D